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How much are Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, and Iron Man paid at Disneyland?

Do you dream of stepping into the shoes of Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, or Iron Man at Disneyland in the United States? Do you know how much these iconic characters are paid to bring joy and magic to park visitors? We explain everything to you.

Working at Disneyland in the United States is the dream of many children and adults. Who has never imagined putting on the costume of Mickey Mouse or the beautiful Cinderella to bring magic to park visitors? But do you really know how much these iconic characters are paid for their work?

The base salary of performing artists

According to the Disneyland recruitment site in the United States reported by Orange County Register, performing artists embodying Disney, Pixar, Marvel characters, etc. earn $24.15 per hour. This rate applies to both Mickey Mouse, Elsa from Frozen, or Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy.

Furthermore, if performing artists appear on stage in shows, their hourly pay then increases to $28.90.

It is interesting to note that this base salary has recently been increased. Indeed, at the beginning of the unionization campaign launched by the Actors Equity Association, the average salary was around $20 per hour. The threat of unionization has therefore led to an increase in wages.

Additional benefits

In addition to their salary, Disneyland performing artists also enjoy other benefits:

  • Discounts on park admission tickets
  • Access to an employee assistance program
  • The opportunity to take makeup, hairstyling, sewing classes, etc. useful in their work

Furthermore, the Actors Equity Association union advocates for improving working conditions. They particularly want more regular breaks, clean dressing rooms and restrooms, and access to healthy food.

And at Walt Disney World?

On the other side of the country, performing artists at Walt Disney World in Florida have been unionized by the Actors Equity Association for over 40 years.

Their minimum wage ranges from $21.30 to $23 depending on the position. Bonuses of up to $5.75 per hour are also paid for team leader or captain positions.

Increasing salaries

As we can see, salaries at Disneyland are improving under union pressure. Currently lower than those at Walt Disney World, they could continue to increase if the recent months’ protest movement leads to unionization.

Working at Disney remains attractive, especially in a state like California where the minimum wage reaches $16 per hour in 2024. Especially when you have the chance to embody children’s favorite heroes and princesses!

Main image credit: Dall-E 3 / MDM