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Disneyland Hotel : unveil the new employee costumes imagined for a unique experience

With the renovation of the Disneyland Hotel comes the creation of new costumes for the employees. In this piece, we delve into the design process, the materials used, and the inspirations behind these one-of-a-kind uniforms.

Join us in exploring the enchanting world of crafting new costumes for Disneyland Hotel. Karine Soares, Disney’s fashion designer, employed her creativity and expertise to create these unique pieces. Inspired by Disney’s princes and princesses, she has seamlessly blended Victorian and medieval times with a contemporary line. Karine’s admiration for Vivienne Westwood’s work, which merges royalty with modernity, has also influenced the style of these outfits.

The creation process

Les nouveaux costumes des employés du Disneyland Hotel - Disneyland Paris
Les nouveaux costumes des employés du Disneyland Hotel – Disneyland Paris
  • Artistic Briefing: Collaboration with Walt Disney Imagineering to set the artistic direction.
  • Material Exploration: Investigation into colors, materials, and finishes in harmony with the hotel.
  • Moodboard Creation: Utilization of an intention board to birth initial sketches.

Stage of Research: Karine initiated meticulous research on shapes, materials, and suppliers. Visiting professional fashion and trend shows was vital to finding materials and technical innovations.

Artistic Review: The design presentation to the artistic direction followed by crafting initial models and prototypes is a crucial stage.

European Production: Post-approval, production is initiated in compliance with European quality standards.

Costume details : elegance meets comfort

These costumes reveal a chic, contemporary side with a royal touch, incorporating stand-up collars, frock coats, and tailcoats. Additional royal nods are added through lacing, balloon sleeves, and accessories like lavallière ties. Shapes and looks are sophisticated, featuring custom-made jacquards in France, color-shifting fabric, and distinct jeweled buttons for different costume groups.

The material selection was vital in collaborating with Dutel, a family-owned company in Lyon specializing in jacquard weaving. Mr. Dutel’s expertise facilitated adapting materials to create elegant, comfortable, and resilient costumes.

Key figures

In the context of this royal transformation, here are some key numbers:

  • 14 outfits developed, totaling 27,777 pieces.
  • 4,000 meters of jacquard fabric used.
  • 3 typologies of costumes distributed in different functions: Reception / Concierge / Shop, Rooms / Room Service, Restaurants / Bars.

Finally, the creation of the Fleur de Lys jewel was a moment of pride for Karine. Present on lavallière ties or headcovers, this jewel finalizes the costume in a royal and elegant manner. It’s this special touch that adds a unique and captivating twist to the ensemble.

Image Credit: Disneyland Paris

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