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[VIDEO] A smoke bomb illegally lit at Disneyland Paris

A group of visitors surprised Disneyland Paris by lighting their own smoke bomb to celebrate an event. While the intention may have been good, it’s difficult to justify this blatant violation of the park’s rules, which required the intervention of security teams.

It was with astonishment that we discovered a video, shared by Disneyphile showing a group of visitors using a smoke bomb at Disneyland Paris. The footage, filmed on February 14th, shows a man lighting a pink smoke bomb on Central Plaza, in the heart of Disneyland Park. A cloud of smoke quickly fills the area. The man then places the still active bomb on a wall before park employees intervene.

A celebration gone wrong

According to some testimonies shared by our colleagues, this group of visitors wanted to celebrate a special event at Disneyland. But they obviously chose the wrong way to mark the occasion! Besides the safety risks, the use of smoke bombs is strictly prohibited within the park grounds.

The Disneyland Paris teams of course intervened quickly. Security conducted checks and seized the incriminated materials. However, it is unknown whether these visitors faced sanctions afterwards. While it’s understandable to want to mark an event in an original way at Disneyland, it is essential to respect the safety rules and well-being of other visitors. The staff does their best every day to ensure our entertainment in complete safety. A little civility from visitors should be the least of things.

Video credits: Disneyphile

Let’s hope that this isolated incident does not set a bad precedent. Disneyland Paris must remain a space of magic accessible to all, with mutual respect.

Header image credit: Kara Muse / Pexels