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X-MEN ’97, the cult series is coming back very soon on Disney+

The X-Men of the 90s are making their big comeback. The cult animated series that rocked the childhood of a whole generation is back on Disney+. The perfect opportunity to dive back into the nineties with Cyclops, Nightcrawler, and the others.

The favorite mutants of comic book fans are back! X-Men ’97, the sequel to the famous animated series from the 1990s, arrives on March 20 exclusively on the Disney+ platform. The perfect opportunity to dive back into that decade that marked pop culture, following the adventures of Cyclops, Storm, Nightcrawler, and other heroes with extraordinary powers.

A cult series that left its mark

Aired between 1992 and 1997 in the United States, the X-Men series from the 1990s won the hearts of comic book fans worldwide. Its charismatic characters and gripping storylines made it a cult animated series, whose influence is still felt today.

At the time, Morph, Jubilee, Gambit, and their comrades had to defend a world frightened by these different beings, in a subtle message of tolerance. The series addressed mature themes, which contributed to its success among teenagers.

Five good reasons to (re)discover the original animated series:

  • Stylish character designs faithful to the comics
  • A rock soundtrack that perfectly captures the spirit of the 90s
  • Complex storylines balancing humor and drama
  • High-quality English dubbing with talented actors
  • Smooth animation far superior to the standards of the time

This series laid the foundation for a true X-Men empire, giving rise to a multitude of derivative films, series, and video games. Hard for longtime fans not to feel a twinge of nostalgia at its mention…

The long-awaited return of our favorite mutants

X-Men ’97 directly follows the original series. The same characters are back, a few years after the conclusion of the adventures of the 1990s. The group must stay united more than ever to face the unexpected challenges that the future holds for them.

In these 10 new episodes, expect action, humor, twists, and of course the promise of seeing all our favorite X-Men again:

  • Cyclops, capable of projecting destructive optic beams
  • Nightcrawler, the mutant with white hair who controls lightning
  • Storm and her weather-controlling powers
  • Wolverine, the gruff one with an adamantium skeleton
  • Morph, the prankster with shapeshifting abilities
  • Rogue, who absorbs powers and memories through physical contact
  • And many more…

Magneto, Gambit, Jubilee, or even Rogue may also lend a helping hand to their comrades in these exciting new adventures.

The original English dubbing has been retained for authenticity, with the return of the iconic voice actors from the 1990s. A treat for longtime fans! In French, we can expect quality dubbing, as Disney has assembled a dream team of voice actors for its Marvel productions.

Talented creators at the helm

In terms of production, X-Men ’97 is in good hands. Beau DeMayo, writer of the critically acclaimed series Moon Knight, serves as showrunner. He collaborates with Brad Winderbaum, producer of WandaVision and Loki for Marvel Studios.

The animation is led by Jake Castorena (Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation), Chase Conley (Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts), and Emi Yonemura (DC Super Hero Girls). All recognized talents in contemporary American animation.

The soundtrack is crafted by the Newton Brothers, a composer duo responsible for the eerie music of horror films like The Curse of Lake Manor and Spell.

In short, all the ingredients are in place for this new iteration of the X-Men to live up to its illustrious predecessor!

The 90s, a wave of nostalgia on Disney+

With its mutants, nineties aesthetic, and spectacular battles, X-Men ’97 is sure to delight thirtysomethings and fortysomethings. An opportunity for them to dive back into the carefree days of their childhood, to the sound of a rock soundtrack with saturated guitars.

But the series will also appeal to younger viewers, who will discover a Marvel universe full of freshness and quirky humor. A way to introduce a whole new generation to the exciting adventures of the X-Men.

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