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Mobile Check-in, MagicPass The Disneyland mobile app is getting even better

The hotels of Disneyland Paris are deploying new digital services for even more magic and comfort during your stay. Mobile Check-in, MagicPass digital, digital key… Discover how the Disneyland Paris mobile application transforms your experience!

Disneyland Paris continues to innovate to offer its visitors even more magical and comfortable stays. Residents of Disney hotels can now enjoy three new digital services that promise to transform their experience: Mobile Check-in, MagicPass digital, and the digital key.

Mobile Check-in for simplified check-in

Mobile check-in - Disneyland Paris
Mobile check-in – Disneyland Paris

No more waiting at the reception on the day of arrival. The “Mobile Check-in” allows residents of the Disneyland Hotel and the Disney Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel to check in directly on their smartphone, up to 7 days before their arrival.

This very simple process is done through the Disneyland Paris mobile application. It saves visitors precious time, allowing them to enjoy the facilities of their hotel and the parks more quickly. This service is optional, as traditional check-in at the reception is still possible.

MagicPass digital, a concentrate of convenience

MagicPass digital - Disneyland Paris
MagicPass digital – Disneyland Paris

Another innovation: the MagicPass digital. This pass, accessible from the mobile application, centralizes all reservations for the stay: park entry tickets, meal vouchers, parking access, etc.

A personal QR code combines all of these services for quick and easy access. Some specific services still need to be requested at the reception, such as Disney PhotoPass+, gift cards, excursion vouchers, or the “Hotel Charge” option.

Note: for reservations made less than 3 days before arrival, the MagicPass digital is not accessible in advance. It will need to be collected at the reception.

The digital key, a small revolution

Digital key - Disneyland Paris
Digital key – Disneyland Paris

At the Disneyland Hotel and the Disney Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel, the smartphone now serves as a key. No need for a magnetic card to access your room or common areas!

This service requires Bluetooth connection, and location activation for Android mobiles. Not all models are yet compatible. Without prior online registration, a visit to the reception is still necessary to set up the digital key.

A smoother and more personalized experience

With these new features, Disneyland Paris aims to offer its guests a more flexible, smooth, and autonomous experience, without sacrificing the human touch. Teams are fully available to visitors in all hotels.

“These new features are part of the continuous improvement of our visitor experience,” says a spokesperson for Disneyland Paris. A way to combine the best of digital and human for even more enchanting stays.

Mobile Check-in, MagicPass The Disneyland mobile app is getting even better

In short

  • Online check-in up to 7 days before arrival with Mobile Check-in
  • All reservations centralized in a personal QR code, the MagicPass digital
  • Smartphone as a room key and access to common areas
  • A smoother and more personalized experience, without sacrificing human contact

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