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Renovation of the Fairy Tale Land at Disneyland Paris: the new features not to be missed

This summer, the iconic attraction The Land of Fairy Tales is getting a makeover at Disneyland Paris. On the agenda: new scenes from the animated films Frozen, Winnie the Pooh, and Up, as well as a new partnership with Vittel. We tell you everything about this highly anticipated renovation!

Since 1994, the attraction The Land of Fairy Tales has been taking young and old on a magical journey through the kingdoms and miniature landscapes of our favorite Disney classics. This summer, this beloved scenic route is getting a facelift with the addition of several new scenes. To top it off: a new partnership with Vittel will bring an extra touch of freshness to the whole experience. Here’s everything you need to know about the transformation of this iconic attraction.

Three new scenes inspired by Frozen, Winnie the Pooh, and Up

The highlight of this renovation will undoubtedly be the integration of three new scenes from more recent animated films, which will enrich the collection of miniature scenes:

  • A Frozen scene, where you can see the Arendelle castle and its snowy surroundings
  • A Winnie the Pooh scene, with the house of this greedy bear in the Hundred Acre Wood
  • An Up scene, where Carl Fredricksen’s flying house will land near Paradise Falls

This last scene, reproduced in detail as seen in the concept art, will be particularly impressive. We can’t wait to spot the young explorer Russell and the colorful bird Kevin around a corner!

A water-themed ride with Vittel

Another significant new feature: Vittel becomes the official sponsor of the attraction. This will be reflected in a new sign and specific decorative elements that will enhance the queue of the renovated attraction.

This partnership will highlight the role of water as a source of inspiration for the fairy-tale stories and landscapes visited. An original way to immerse visitors in the atmosphere from the first minutes of the experience.

The Imagineers’ opinion

To successfully carry out this major renovation, the creative teams of Disneyland Paris are working hand in hand with the Imagineers of Walt Disney Imagineering. They are obviously enthusiastic about enriching this unique attraction, as noted by artistic director Keith Rector: “This miniaturized architecture, a true main character of the attraction, makes The Land of Fairy Tales an absolutely unique adventure. Carl’s flying house in Up is such a strong icon in its story that we thought it would be appropriate to conclude this journey.”

We can only approve of this bold choice, which will bring a touch of modernity to this great classic of the Park.

Imminent reopening

The only downside: for now, we do not yet have a precise date for the reopening of the attraction. The official press release simply states “from this summer.” So we will have to be patient before we can test this upgraded version of Storybook Land.

As for capacity, the duration of the ride, or any new access restrictions, the mystery remains for now. Let’s hope that the wait will be worth it and that both young and old will be delighted with this revamped journey to the new generation’s Land of Fairy Tales!