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The Electrical Sky Parade 2024 at Disneyland Paris: Time, Prices… Everything You Need to Know About the Drone Show

The Electrical Sky Parade is the new flagship attraction of Disneyland Paris in 2024. This nighttime parade brings together 500 drones in the sky of the park for a magical show paying tribute to the legendary Main Street Electrical Parade.

Disneyland Paris’ new 2024 attraction is making both kids’ and adults’ dreams come true: the Electrical Sky Parade is THE show not to be missed this year! This aerial drone parade pays homage to the legendary Main Street Electrical Parade in a modernized and magical version. We reveal everything you need to know about this updated parade that is already lighting up the Parisian nights.

What is the Electrical Sky Parade?

The Electrical Sky Parade is a nighttime drone parade taking place in the sky of Disneyland Park. It started on January 8th, 2024 and will run until September 30th, 2024.

This revolutionary parade is a visual and audio experience combining fountains of light, laser projections and especially an aerial choregraphy of 500 drones! The drones form colorful and dynamic tableaus representing the floats of the legendary Main Street Electrical Parade.

You can admire:

  • Mickey Mouse and friends’ illuminated train
  • Elliott, the adorable dragon from Pete’s Dragon
  • The pumpkin transformed into Cinderella’s carriage

All set to a modernized version of the iconic electro-magical tunes.

Where and When Can You See the Electrical Sky Parade?

The parade takes place every night at the foot of Sleeping Beauty Castle, visible from Main Street USA. Parade time: It begins every night at park closing for around 8 minutes. Frequency may vary depending on weather and attendance. Download the Disneyland Paris app to follow the schedule in real time.

How Much Does the Electrical Sky Parade Cost?

Good news: Access to the parade is included in the park admission price! No extra reservation or fee required.

Here are the admission prices for Disneyland Paris:

  • 1-Day Ticket: from €59 (peak season)
  • 2-Day Ticket: from €85
  • 3-Day Ticket: from €115
  • 4-Day Ticket: from €135

Promotions are regularly offered on the official website.

How to Best Enjoy the Show?

To see the parade well, position yourself along Main Street USA, in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle. Suitable areas are across from the Plaza Gardens Restaurant and the steps in front of the Plaza Store.

Arrive around 30 minutes before showtime to secure a good spot. Don’t hesitate to look up to fully appreciate the magic of the drones!

The Parade Video

Watch a preview of this magical experience here:

An Accessible Show for All

Disneyland Paris has made special arrangements for people with reduced mobility or disabilities to fully enjoy the Electrical Sky Parade.

A dedicated zone is located in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle. Simply show up with your priority access card – maximum two companions.

Cast Members will carefully install you in the best viewing spots safely and with optimum visibility. They will ensure your comfort throughout the parade.

Creativity and Innovation

In addition to cutting-edge technology, Disney’s Electrical Sky Parade also stands out for its inventive approach to design and storytelling:

  • Historical inspiration: The illuminated drone floats freely take inspiration from the floats of the legendary 1972 Main Street Parade.
  • Original music: Newly composed electro-synthetic music, paired with Disney classics, enhances the show and encourages audience participation.
  • Collective intelligence: The drones interact, creating complex, evolving formations and acting as moving pixels in the sky.

You now know everything about Disneyland Paris’ new headline attraction for 2024! Ready to marvel at this exceptional drone show?

Cover image credit: Disneyland Paris.

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