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Disneyland Hotel: Everything You Need to Know About its Reopening

The Disneyland Hotel located at the entrance of Disneyland Paris park has undergone a complete transformation. The world’s first five-star hotel fully dedicated to Disney stories opened its doors on January 25th, 2024 with themed décor, high-end services and activations like the Royal Kids Club.

It’s official: after months of work, the Disneyland Hotel reopened its doors on January 25th, 2024. The iconic establishment located at the entrance of Disneyland Paris Park underwent a complete transformation to become the world’s first 5-star hotel entirely dedicated to Disney stories! Here’s everything you need to know about this highly anticipated reopening.

A Full Reinvention

The Disneyland Hotel hasn’t just had a facelift – it has completely changed its identity! Disneyland Paris invested massively to offer visitors a truly unique immersive experience. As soon as you walk through the doors of the majestic lobby, you’re transported to the heart of fairytales.

Everything has been carefully designed to fully immerse us in Disney’s magical universe:

  • Staff trained to provide 5-star service
  • Décor and background music that pay homage to classic Disney animations
  • Rooms and Royal Suites inspired by films like Beauty and the Beast or Frozen
  • Restaurants that invite you on a gourmet journey under the sign of magic

In short, through this reinvention, the Disneyland Hotel establishes itself as a destination in its own right. Even for those not visiting the parks, it’s worth staying here just for its enchanting setting!

A Majestic Lobby

Accueil du Disneyland Hotel - disneylandparis-news
Disneyland Hotel reception – disneylandparis-news

This is THE showpiece of the hotel. As soon as you enter the completely redesigned main entrance hall, you’re left speechless in front of the monumental crystal chandelier representing Sleeping Beauty’s castle.

The lobby draws inspiration from the most beautiful libraries of French castles, with its noble materials, gilding and ivory dominance. Everything is designed to convey a sense of grandeur and luxury.

But what’s really impressive is the constant entertainment provided by the performers of the Royal Disney Troupe. They spontaneously put on shows involving visitors, so that sometimes you feel like you’re crossing paths with real Disney Princesses!

Royal Rooms and Suites

Chambres Supérieures du Disneyland Hotel - disneylandparis-news
Superior rooms at the Disneyland Hotel – disneylandparis-news

The hotel’s 487 rooms and suites have of course received a full makeover, with a modern design that still pays tribute to the Disney universe. Subtle references to Snow White, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin or Rapunzel can be found in every nook and cranny.

But the absolute highlight remains the Royal Signature Suites specially designed for die-hard Disney fans!

The 16 Signature Suites fully immerse you in the setting of your favorite films. Think of:

Chambres Deluxe du Disneyland Hotel - disneylandparis-news
Deluxe rooms at the Disneyland Hotel – disneylandparis-news
  • The Beauty and the Beast Suite, with its monumental fireplace and baroque décor worthy of the Beast’s castle
  • The Frozen Suite, all in shades of blue and silver like Elsa’s Ice Palace
  • The Tangled Suite, wallpapered with references to Rapunzel’s mysterious golden flower petal

And the pièce de résistance: the 116sqm Prince Suite recreates certain live-action film sets from Beauty and the Beast. Enough to feel like Emma Watson for a night!

Suite princière la belle et la bête du Disneyland Hotel - disneylandparis-news
Beauty and the Beast Princely Suite at the Disneyland Hotel – disneylandparis-news

In short, all these suites are truly dream apartments for fans who want to sleep surrounded by Disney magic.

The Royal Kids Club

Le Royal Kids Club du Disneyland Hotel - disneylandparis-news
The Royal Kids Club at the Disneyland Hotel – disneylandparis-news

Because ultimately, the kids are the real kings here! Everything has been carefully designed to offer them a truly bespoke experience.

At the Royal Kids Club, they can become the heroes of their own Disney adventures thanks to an augmented reality feature.

They can also meet their favorite Princesses like Snow White, Jasmine or Ariel in person. These encounters are immortalized by a professional photographer so that families can take home an unforgettable souvenir.

And after a full day of activities, their little ones can be left at the hotel’s free daycare. Monitored by professionals, it welcomes 4-11 year olds for up to two hours maximum.

Giving parents a well-deserved break!

Restaurants, Bars and Lounges

Restaurations du Disneyland Hotel - disneylandparis-news
Disneyland Hotel restaurants – disneylandparis-news

When it comes to gastronomy, the Disneyland Hotel doesn’t disappoint: restaurants and bars have been reimagined to satisfy every palate.

The Royal Banquet buffet takes you on a culinary journey around the world amidst portraits of Disney royalty figures.

La Table de Lumière restaurant invites you to an exquisite dinner with stunning views of the gardens. Its sumptuous décor draws inspiration from Beauty and the Beast’s ballroom scene… and sometimes characters in period costumes even come to greet diners!

To sip a drink in a cozy setting, head to the royal blue-themed Fleur de Lys bar. You can snack on tapas at any time of day.

And after a full day in the parks, what better than in-room dining so you don’t have to move from your bed? A wide selection of meals, desserts and beverages is available 24/7.

The Ultimate Disney Trip

Le Castle Club du Disneyland Hotel - disneylandparis-news
The Castle Club at the Disneyland Hotel – disneylandparis-news

More than just a hotel, the Disneyland Hotel offers a comprehensive experience to satisfy even the most discerning fans:

  • Attentive staff and bespoke services including private check-in and concierge
  • Opportunity to access Disney parks before official opening
  • Guided tours to discover all the hotel’s secrets
  • Extensive Disney boutique to take unique souvenirs home
  • And of course, immediate proximity to Disneyland Paris to enjoy attractions from early morning

Through its 800 mobilized employees and state-of-the-art facilities, everything has been designed so that visitors, even the youngest, can live at the rhythm of Disney magic.

The Disneyland Hotel Spa by Clarins

Le Disneyland Hotel Spa by Clarins - disneylandparis-news
The Disneyland Hotel Spa by Clarins – disneylandparis-news

After a day full of emotion in the Disney parks, what better than a relaxing break? Head to the new generation spa in partnership with Clarins. Open 24/7.

In a setting inspired by the Disney universe, professionals offer a range of signature treatments (massages, scrubs, wraps…) based on natural products. Recharge your batteries before plunging back into Mickey’s magical world!

And kids from age 6 upwards can enjoy treatments too: it’s the perfect place for a soothing family moment to share.

Next to the spa you’ll find the Crystal Pool and high-tech Health Club. Stay fit on your vacation, even while savoring the restaurant’s delicious dishes!

The Royal Collection Boutique

Royal Collection Boutique du Disneyland Hotel - disneylandparis-news
Royal Collection Boutique at the Disneyland Hotel – disneylandparis-news

Before leaving, you must visit the official boutique to take home a souvenir. Souvenirs may include:

  • Products featuring the emblematic clock design
  • Tableware and accessories bearing Disney characters
  • Collector stuffed animals like Prince Mickey in costume
  • Signature hotel fragrances
  • Exclusive collaborations with French brands like Julien Fournié porcelain or Bernardaud fine china

Prolong the magic back home!

In short…

With the reopening of the Disneyland Hotel, Disney delivers strongly with what is surely Europe’s most immersive family five-star hotel! All the ingredients are gathered for little and big to live a fairytale experience:

  • Enchanting setting with décor drawn from Disney films
  • Attentive service from 800 staff always on hand
  • Age-appropriate activities for family fun
  • Creative cuisine experiences
  • Royal suites to literally sleep in your favorite Disney settings!

Want to try the experience? No glass slippers required – simply book your stay online on Disneyland Paris’ official website!

Image credit: disneylandparis-news/ MDN Montage

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