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The best tips from Disneyland Paris for those who wish to audition

Do you dream of being part of the artists and technicians who make the magic of Disneyland Paris? The park shares some valuable tips on its website to give you the best chance on audition day.

Securing a position within the artistic teams of Disneyland Paris is the dream of many dancers, singers, and actors. But how can you ensure that your audition is a success? The park has shared on its website some valuable tips for candidates.

Prepare in advance

Disneyland Paris advises candidates to research the proposed position before attending the audition. It is essential to create a complete profile on the DisneyAuditions website and keep it updated regularly. The announcements are detailed: take the time to read them all to know the profiles sought, the expected skills, the availability required, etc. Some candidates are even contacted before the audition to obtain more details.

Choose the audition that matches your profile

The park organizes highly targeted recruitments to find talents suitable for each show or parade. Disneyland Paris therefore invites candidates to carefully review all available offers on its website and choose the one that best matches their profile. To stay informed about new auditions, you can subscribe to the newsletter.

Be punctual

On the big day, punctuality is essential. Disneyland Paris emphasizes the importance of arriving on time at the audition location to avoid any stress related to a possible delay. Before each performance, the casting directors brief the candidates: it is essential to listen carefully to know all the instructions.

Demonstrate professionalism

While technique is important, the park reminds that the attitude and personality of the candidates are equally essential. It is advisable to adopt a professional behavior, be attentive and communicate with the Disney team. The casting directors are there to showcase the talents and help them give their best.

Adopt the right attitude

In addition to raw talent, Disneyland Paris pays particular attention to the attitude of the candidates. The park recommends approaching the audition with a smile, in a positive dynamic. Being relaxed, natural, and giving your best are key. Casting directors are also looking for personalities capable of conveying joy and strong emotions to the audience.

Stand out

Disneyland Paris encourages candidates to dare to stand out, to offer original performances that match their artistic universe. Singers, dancers, actors: each one must express their creativity and personal style to try to make a place among the many international talents already present in the shows.


In case of failure at a first audition, Disneyland Paris strongly encourages candidates to try again. New offers are published very regularly on the Disney Auditions website and the profiles sought vary for each show. So, do not hesitate to apply for several auditions, trying each time to bring a personal touch to your performance.

Live the present moment

Above all, the park recommends fully enjoying every moment spent in audition. It is the perfect opportunity to meet the teams, discover the backstage and behind the scenes, and already feel a little of the Disney magic. Even without getting a contract, these are unique memories to cherish.

So, mark your calendars: it’s time to find on Disney Auditions the next audition made for you! With passion and perseverance, your dream can become a reality.

Header image credit: Dall-E 3 / MDN.