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Disney Pride 2024 at Disneyland Paris: parade, products Here is the program

On June 29, 2024, Disneyland Paris will celebrate Pride through an exclusive pre-parade and colorful merchandise. A festive day dedicated to diversity and tolerance, not to be missed under any circumstances!

Dear friends, get ready to experience an exceptional day on June 29th at Disneyland Paris! Even though the traditional “Disneyland Paris Pride” special evening will not take place this year, the park still has some nice surprises in store to celebrate diversity and inclusion.

An exclusive parade to light up the park

The highlight will undoubtedly be the exclusive pre-parade organized during the park’s opening hours. Imagine a colorful parade, with your favorite Disney characters dressed in their finest Pride colors. Mickey, Minnie, and their friends will be there, accompanied by Disneyland Paris Cast Members, for a joyful and festive celebration.

Although we do not yet have all the details on the route and exact duration of this exclusive parade, one thing is certain: it promises to be memorable! It’s the perfect opportunity to come together with family or friends to experience a magical moment and celebrate diversity in all its forms.

Pride-themed merchandise

To commemorate this special day, Disneyland Paris has put together a collection of Pride-themed merchandise. Whether you are a fashion enthusiast or a casual collector, there will be something for every taste and budget!

Here’s a preview of what awaits you:

  • Disney Jerseys at €75, perfect for proudly showing your support for the cause
  • The Launch Fly at €80, a must-have for sneaker enthusiasts
  • T-shirts at €30, for a casual and committed look
  • The €25 bob, the essential accessory for a stylish summer
  • A reversible jacket at €45, practical and trendy
  • The iconic Stitch (€35) and Mickey (€30) plush toys in rainbow colors
  • Keychains at €7 and magnets at €8, to add a touch of pride to your daily life
Disney Pride 2024 - MDN
Disney Pride 2024 – MDN

As you can see, there is something for every style and preference. So, don’t hesitate to do some shopping during your visit to Disneyland Paris on June 29!

A day dedicated to tolerance

While the special Pride evening will unfortunately not be held this year, this does not diminish the importance of this day of celebration. Like other events (Halloween, New Year, Run Disney…) that will also not take place, the reasons for this cancellation remain unclear. Profitability, logistical constraints, management decisions… Whatever the reason, the essential is elsewhere.

The organization of this pre-parade on June 29th proves that Disneyland Paris remains committed to diversity and tolerance. It’s an opportunity to raise awareness among young and old about the importance of respecting each other, in all their uniqueness. A beautiful life lesson, all while having fun in an enchanting setting!

So, are you ready to experience an unforgettable June 29th at Disneyland Paris? With the exclusive parade, the merchandise, and the joyful and caring atmosphere that will reign in the park, all the ingredients will be there for a colorful Pride. See you there!

Main image credit: MDN