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Disneyland Paris Weather: Will the first week of vacation be rainy?

The weather for the next 7 days looks variable at Disneyland Paris, with a mix of clouds, clear skies, and possible precipitation. What are the detailed day-by-day forecasts? Here is the complete report.

What will the weather be like this week at Disneyland Paris? We consulted the forecasts from Météo France for the week of February 12 to 18, the first week of school holidays in France, to provide you with a complete summary of the expected weather.

Monday, February 12

Monday looks mixed, with very cloudy skies in the morning and temperatures around 6°C. The afternoon should be sunny and warmer, up to 10°C. The evening will remain clear and the temperature will slightly drop to 4°C. During the night, the sky will partially cover again but temperatures will remain positive, around 2°C. The wind will blow all day between 15 and 20 km/h, mainly from the southwest. This Monday seems suitable for visiting the parks, despite a chilly start to the day. The sunny afternoon will be pleasant for enjoying the attractions.

Tuesday, February 13

Tuesday, conditions will deteriorate with very cloudy skies all day and possible precipitation arriving in the evening. Temperatures will range between 5°C in the morning and 9° to 10°C in the afternoon. At night, the temperature will rise to 11°C. The wind will shift more southerly and blow up to 20 km/h at times during the day. Despite the absence of heavy rain, Tuesday will be a rather gloomy day. Prepare warm and waterproof clothing.

Wednesday, February 14

Valentine’s Day. Wednesday, Valentine’s Day, the unsettled weather will unfortunately persist. The sky will remain very cloudy all day, with showers expected in the afternoon that could continue into the evening. Temperatures will continue to rise, reaching 13°C in the afternoon. During the night, the temperature will drop to around 11°C. The southwest wind will strengthen, with gusts up to 45 km/h. Despite this gloomy weather, Valentine’s Day at Disneyland Paris promises to be magical. But remember to bring waterproofs, umbrellas, and warm clothing!

Thursday, February 15

Thursday, the fluctuating weather from previous days will continue. The sky will remain very cloudy, with a risk of showers in the afternoon and evening. Temperatures will range between 10°C in the morning and 14-15°C in the afternoon, dropping to 12°C at night. The wind will be generally moderate, from the south or southeast at times during the day. Thursday is still suitable for enjoying the attractions between showers, but continue to wear waterproof clothing.

Friday, February 16

New showers expected. The end of the week will start again under very cloudy skies, with new showers expected throughout Friday. Temperatures will remain steady, between 11°C and 13°C at times. At night, the temperature will slightly drop to 10°C. The west or westward wind will be moderate, with gusts occasionally reaching 20 km/h. On Friday, remember to protect yourself effectively from the rain to still enjoy the attractions between the drops.

Saturday, February 17

Gusts to expect. Saturday, the weather could start to stabilize, although the sky will remain very cloudy. Some nocturnal clearings are hoped for. In terms of temperatures, the mercury will range between 9°C and 11°C throughout the day. The main feature of Saturday will be the strengthening of the north wind, with gusts up to 40 km/h in the afternoon. The gusts on Saturday require you to dress warmly! But the park remains accessible by pushing the doors a little.

Sunday, February 18

Towards drier weather? Sunday, the weather could become a bit drier although the sky will still be heavily clouded. Some nocturnal clearings are still hoped for. In terms of temperatures, the mercury will decrease with lows around 7°C in the morning and highs at 10°C in the afternoon. The north wind will persist, moderate and steady at around 15 km/h. Sunday concludes this very cloudy and sometimes rainy sequence on a hopeful weather note for the following week!

Header image credit: Canva / MDN