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Risk of Attack: What is the Threat Level at Disneyland Paris?

Disneyland Paris is keeping its parks and hotels open despite the high terrorist threat level in France. Military personnel, metal detectors, and cameras – numerous security measures have been deployed to protect visitors.

In recent weeks, France has faced an upsurge in terrorist threats. On October 13, a terror attack at a high school in Arras led the government to raise the Vigipirate plan to “Emergency Attack” level nationwide. Evacuations have multiplied at tourist sites in Paris following false bomb alerts. But what exactly is the risk of an attack at Disneyland Paris, and what security measures are in place?

Strict Security Measures

Despite the general rise in the terrorist threat level, Disneyland Paris itself is not specifically threatened. As park management indicates, the two Disney parks, hotels, and Disney Village remain open and operating normally. Disney enforces the strictest security standards and works closely with French authorities to guarantee as safe and festive a venue as possible. “Our parks, hotels, and Disney Village are open and operating normally. We enforce the highest security standards and work closely with authorities to ensure an environment that is safe and magical for all our visitors,” a Disneyland Paris cast member explains.

Armed military personnel patrol around Disney Village as part of the ongoing Operation Sentinelle. Metal detectors with bag scanners have been installed at every entrance to Disney Village. Access to the parks is also secured. These provisions aim to prevent any risk of intrusion with dangerous objects. Inside the parks, security agents patrol and monitor the walkways. Surveillance cameras also cover the site. Emergency procedures such as swift evacuation of attractions and strategic points are planned in case of incident.

Vigilance on Public Transport

Additionally, Disneyland Paris is structured into several zones with restricted visitor access: backstage, backdrops, character dressing rooms, etc. This compartmentalization prevents free movement of unauthorized persons. In short, many precautions have been taken to ensure the protection of the park’s millions of visitors. The site appears relatively impenetrable to any malicious intrusion.

However, a potential weakness remains along the route to Disneyland Paris, particularly on crowded public transit like the RER trains. Travelers should stay especially vigilant and report any abandoned bags or packages. The terror threat hangs over all of France. But at Disneyland Paris, extensive security measures are deployed in coordination with authorities. Visitors can enjoy the attractions with peace of mind, as long as they stay alert, especially when traveling outside the parks.

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