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Rain at Disneyland Paris: This Activity Saved My Day

With rain at Disneyland Paris, opt for this covered attraction away from the downpours. A privileged moment, especially with children.

Rain, the worst enemy of a day at Disneyland Paris. Between downpours and umbrellas, it’s hard to fully enjoy the rides and shows. Especially when you have little ones, waiting in the pouring rain can quickly make them grumpy. Fortunately, there is a hidden gem to transform this rainy day into a magical moment.

When you’ve been preparing your Disneyland Paris trip for months, you’re already imagining long sunny days roaming the park, going on rides and watching shows. But sometimes, the weather is the real villain of the story. Downpours, drizzle, wind: it’s not easy keeping a smile when Mickey turns into a scarecrow. Lines get longer, rain ponchos multiply, and poof, the magic disappears. Kids get impatient, parents get angry, in short the long-awaited happiness turns into a fiasco. Even the characters hide! No more kiss from Snow White or handshake from Buzz Lightyear. Everyone flees the pounding rain.

An Activity Not To Be Missed

Fortunately, there is an indoor attraction to have fun between two downpours: the Animation Academy. Located in Walt Disney Studios Park, this hidden gem will save your rainy vacation. In the warmth and dryness, young and old can indulge their creativity by drawing their favorite Disney heroes. A professional animator guides you step-by-step to reproduce Mickey, Winnie the Pooh, Simba and more. Even better, you leave with your masterpiece!

The Animation Academy is the ideal rainy day activity. You forget the capricious weather for 30 minutes to focus on your sketch. A peaceful moment, away from the crowds and showers. Kids love reproducing the work of real Disney animators in fast motion. And adults can reconnect with their artistic soul for the duration of a session. You carefully follow the teacher’s instructions to accurately outline your favorite character. A real free drawing class! “The Animation Academy experience is subject to availability, a limited number of seats is offered each session,” Disneyland Paris points out, so be sure to anticipate. Perfect for developing your drawing skills before heading back into the rain. So next time Mickey brings the monsoon, run straight to the Animation Academy.

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