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This world-famous French star is at Disneyland Paris this weekend

The global superstar was spotted at Disneyland Paris this weekend. The famous coach of The Voice France enjoyed the rides with his family. Discover who this personality is, delighted to rediscover his childlike soul in Mickey’s country.

Disneyland Paris, Mickey’s enchanted kingdom, is families’ favorite holiday destination. Young and old are transported into the magical world of Walt Disney’s tales. The rides, the sets, the mascots… Everything is designed to immerse visitors in a magical world.

Even stars and their families cannot resist the charm of Disneyland Paris. The park allows them to spend a day in an enchanted setting, away from the paparazzi. They can stroll quietly through the aisles, like any other visitor.

In general, fans who come across their favorite star at Disneyland Paris remain benevolent. They understand that celebrities come here to relax with their family, not to sign autographs all day. An appreciable discretion, which encourages many artists to make regular stopovers in Mickey’s country.

A world-famous star

This weekend, a huge French pop star landed at Disneyland Paris. It is Matthieu Tota, known to the general public under his stage name M. Pokora. Aged 38, the singer from Strasbourg is a regular. This time he was accompanied by his family for a weekend under the sign of Disney magic. It is not the first time that Mat Pokora has come to Disneyland Paris during Halloween, in recent years too the singer had come with his little family.

Far from being a secret, the artist himself shared this visit on social media. M. Pokora posted stories showing him smiling alongside his partner Christina Milian. Photos that prove that even stars are big kids at Disneyland Paris! The singer visibly had a good time with his family, between laughter, amazement and unforgettable memories.

According to our sources, many M. Pokora fans were lucky enough to spot him in the park last Saturday. Some even managed to take a selfie or get an autograph from their idol, who was very approachable. A nice gift that these visitors probably won’t forget anytime soon.

This world-famous French star is at Disneyland Paris this weekend
Matt Pokora à Disneyland Paris – MP

Because Disneyland Paris is much more than just an amusement park. It is a magical place where dreams come true, whether you are small or tall, famous or unknown. For a day you can cross paths with Mickey, dance with the Disney princesses or meet your favorite stars. M. Pokora’s family certainly had a dream weekend between mythical attractions and encounters with Mickey. A simple happiness that the singer wanted to share with his followers on social networks. Proof that stars also enjoy marveling at the Disney magic. And rediscover their childlike soul during a family getaway in the colors of Disneyland Paris.

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