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Disney Symphony of Colours: Everything We Know About the New Disneyland Paris Season

Disneyland Paris has just revealed further details about the Disney Symphony of Colours, the new season planned for early 2024 in the main park.

This is the news that warms us up at the end of the year! Disneyland Paris has announced the upcoming launch of a true festival of novelties: the Disney Symphony of Colours. This unmissable event will kick off on January 8, 2024 and extend through late September. We have gathered for you all the information already unveiled by Disneyland Paris about the magical experiences that will make up this unique season.

What Date?

The Disney Symphony of Colours will start off with a bang on January 8 with the launch of a completely new show: a nighttime drone parade in the park’s sky. This visual experience promises to be breathtaking. Fountains, lights, projections and a choreography of hundreds of drones – taking the form of illuminated floats – will enchant young and old alike. A true aerial parade that will pay tribute to one of the most remarkable nighttime shows in the history of Disneyland Paris. Thrills guaranteed.

Disney Symphony of Colours: Everything We Know About the New Disneyland Paris Season
A sneak peek at the new drone show. – DLP

Starting in February, the celebrations will continue with the arrival of a brand new musical show at the foot of Sleeping Beauty Castle. Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy and other Disney and Pixar stars will take the stage for an energetic and cheerful moment. Timon, Joy, Mirabel… they will all be there to celebrate Disney and Pixar animation through song! This new show will be performed several times a day. Notably: it will mark the very first appearance of Mirabel, the heroine from the movie Encanto, in a Disneyland Paris show.

Also in February, magic will also take place on Main Street USA. The famous main street will host spectacular fairy-tale decorations, between frozen and flowery worlds. Tinker Bell will spread her pixie dust and illuminate winter with a thousand colors! An enchanting carnival atmosphere not to be missed.

Many Surprises in 2024?

These three novelties are only the start of the festivities. The Disney Symphony of Colours will continue throughout 2024, until the end of September. The park has already warned that some experiences could be modified or canceled depending on weather conditions and the evolution of health measures. But one thing is certain: this season promises its share of surprises and magical moments to share with family and friends.

Disney Symphony of Colours: Everything We Know About the New Disneyland Paris Season
A sneak peek at the parade. – DLP

So, shall we book our tickets for Disneyland Paris right away? The program already puts stars in our eyes and music in our heads! The Disney Symphony of Colours promises to be THE big event season of 2024 not to be missed.

Header image credit: Disneyland Paris

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