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This Haunted House is Free at Disneyland Paris

From October 21 to November 5, Disneyland Paris welcomes the M&M’s Fun & Thrills Manor. This temporary attraction located in Disney Village offers challenges and treats to visitors in a spooky atmosphere for Halloween.

In this autumn period, Disneyland Paris once again treats us with a brand new attraction to celebrate Halloween. This year, the flagship destination of Île-de-France has partnered with the confectionery brand M&M’s to offer both young and old candy lovers a frightening and delicious experience. Head to Disney Village to discover the M&M’s Fun & Thrills Manor!

A Haunted Manor at the Heart of Disney Village

From October 21 to November 5, visitors of Disneyland Paris will be able to enter a mysterious manor located in the heart of Disney Village. Specially designed for the occasion by Mars Wrigley, the chocolate and candy giant, this manor immerses us into the universe of the famous M&M’s brand.

With its wooden facade and ruined interior, this sinister building is reminiscent of classic American haunted mansions straight out of a horror film. Perfect for getting into the Halloween spirit right from the first steps!

Thrills and Challenges Await

Behind its frightening walls lies an experience full of surprises for the whole family. The M&M’s Fun & Thrills Manor offers visitors to take on fun challenges while uncovering secrets hidden throughout the sets.

Here’s what to expect:

  • A smoking cauldron that may play tricks on you
  • A haunted closet whose mystery you’ll have to uncover
  • An intriguing portrait gallery that will observe your every move

Guaranteed thrills for the bravest! Kids and adults can test their courage in this interactive manor. But don’t worry, there are no attractions that are too scary. The goal is to have fun as a family or with friends in a quirky atmosphere.

Sweet Rewards Await After the Challenges

In addition to thrills, the M&M’s Manor has one last surprise for its visitors: candy! Because an M&M’s attraction wouldn’t be complete without a sweet touch.

Thus, each challenge overcome will earn you rewards in the form of delicious chocolates and candies from the brand. Perfect for reinvigorating your taste buds after all that excitement.

The cherry on top – at the end of the tour, one final challenge awaits the boldest candy lovers. A chance to leave with even more treats.

A 5-Minute Immersive Experience

The adventure inside the M&M’s Manor is designed to be short but intense. Count 5 little minutes to complete it. Just enough time to test out the various challenges and uncover all the quirky corners of this unusual manor.

Accessible to all ages, this attraction located in the heart of Disney Village will appeal to thrill-seeking little ones as much as their parents, who will find it a good way to kill time between rides.

A Brand New Event for Halloween

The opening of this temporary manor is part of Disney’s Halloween Festival, the annual event that transforms Disneyland Paris into a kingdom of pumpkins and witches.

With this unprecedented collaboration, M&M’s is becoming the official partner of Halloween at Disneyland Paris. Proof that this magical kingdom still has surprises in store for regulars!

Practical Information

When? From October 21 to November 5, 2023

Where? In the heart of Disney Village

How long? 5 minutes

Who for? Little and big thrill-seekers

How much? It’s free

You now know everything about the M&M’s Fun & Thrills Manor. It’s your turn to play! We can’t wait to try out the challenges that await in this manor like no other. See you at Disneyland Paris to celebrate Halloween with candy and family moments.

Image credit: Disneyland Paris / Mars Wrigley France

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