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The Good Doctor Series Ends after Season 7 on ABC

The hit series The Good Doctor takes its final bow after 7 seasons. A look back on the genesis, journey, and finale of this Freddie Highmore-led medical drama that has marked the television landscape in recent years.

It’s the end of an era. On January 11th, ABC announced the cancellation of its hit series The Good Doctor after 7 seasons. A decision that saddens many fans, but one that seems to have been made in agreement with the production team led by David Shore, the creator. A look back on the genesis, successes, and outcome of this atypical medical drama.

The Good Doctor, an Atypical Series

Aired since 2017 on ABC in the United States and TF1 in France, The Good Doctor starred the talented Freddie Highmore as Dr. Shaun Murphy. This young autistic surgeon with savant syndrome joins the prestigious San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital, arousing admiration but also incomprehension from his peers and superiors.

Fin de la série The Good Doctor - ABC
End of The Good Doctor series – ABC

Thanks to the winning duo of David Shore/Freddie Highmore, the series offered a fresh perspective on disability through a central character full of nuance. The public was quickly won over.

With its exceptional cast, gripping medical intrigues, and approach to disability, The Good Doctor established itself as one of the most-watched drama series in the United States and worldwide. In France alone, TF1 garnered up to 8 million viewers at the start of Dr. Murphy’s adventures.

7 Seasons Under Its Belt

In 7 seasons and 93 episodes, The Good Doctor left its mark on the television landscape and offered its hero numerous twists and turns, both personally and professionally: promotion, romantic relationship, death of loved ones, global pandemic… Shaun Murphy overcame everything successfully, gaining the respect of the medical staff and a wide audience.

Fin de la série The Good Doctor - ABC
End of The Good Doctor series – ABC

Many guest stars graced The Good Doctor soundstage over the seasons, like Geena Davis and Sharon Leal. It was also an opportunity to see former TV stars like Kal Penn (Dr. Lawrence) and Hill Harper (Dr. Andrews). While medical intrigues were the common thread of every episode, the personal storyline was just as prevalent with the evolution of Shaun’s relationships with his colleagues, his doubts, mourning, and lessons learned.

A Mutually Agreed Upon Finale

So why end such an extremely popular series after 7 seasons? While ABC did not officially state the reason for this decision, Freddie Highmore and creator David Shore mentioned a choice made by mutual agreement, believing they had fully explored their character.

“It is time to say goodbye. We are incredibly proud of the work accomplished,” said David Shore. Same sentiment from leading man Freddie Highmore, grateful to have been able to play such a meaty role.

What’s Next?

While this announcement saddens The Good Doctor fans, other projects around the universe are already in the works. For example, we know that a spin-off called The Good Lawyer will follow the character of attorney Joni DeGroot, played by Kennedy McMann (Nancy Drew).

As for Freddie Highmore, he’ll be able to focus on new projects. At only 32 years old, the British actor already has an great career behind him (Finding Neverland, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Bates Motel…) and ahead of him. So stay tuned…

Parting Words

In 7 seasons, Shaun Murphy offered us a new and moving perspective on difference, proving that with courage and talent anything is possible. The Good Doctor will remain one of the great television successes in recent years, carried by a 5-star cast.

Fin de la série The Good Doctor - ABC
End of The Good Doctor series – ABC

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