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Bed Bugs: Is Disneyland Paris Affected by the Invasion?

In light of the massive bed bug invasion in Ile-de-France, one wonders whether Disneyland Paris has been spared. A look back at the situation in the park and exclusive testimony from a Disney expert.

The scourge of bed bugs is currently raging in France. These hematophagous parasites are proliferating in homes, hotels, public transportation. Their disturbing presence is forcing many French people to limit their travel and visits to public places. Faced with this surge, pest control companies are overwhelmed by requests for interventions.

Disneyland Paris, Europe’s top tourist destination, draws millions of visitors from around the world every year. With its theme parks, hotels, shops and transportation infrastructure, this tourist complex constitutes a unique ecosystem potentially conducive to the spread of bed bugs.

Reports of Bed Bugs on the RER A

On social media, several users report findings of bed bugs on public transport in the Paris region, particularly on the RER A, the main means of access to Disneyland Paris. However, according to statements by a member of the Dream Team community, a group of volunteer expert visitors to the park, there have been no reports of cases within Disneyland Paris itself.

Although not reflecting the official position of management, this testimony seems to indicate that the Disneyland parks and infrastructure have so far been spared from the bed bug invasion raging around them. Nevertheless, the constant influx of visitors from the Paris region raises fears of possible future infections. An issue to keep an eye on, therefore…

Here are some key tips from the Ministry of Ecological Transition to fight bed bugs:

  • Regularly inspect your bed and bedroom for signs of bed bugs. Look for fecal stains (small black dots) or the insects themselves.
  • Wash sheets and clothing at a minimum of 60°C to kill bed bugs. Transport laundry in a sealed bag to the washing machine.
  • Vacuum all corners and crevices to suck up eggs and insects. Immediately discard the vacuum bag in a sealed plastic bag.
  • Use a dry steam cleaner at a minimum of 120°C to kill bed bugs in mattresses or furniture.
  • Call in certified professionals in case of persistent infestation. Check their certification and treatment protocol.
  • For rentals, the owner must financially cover professional detection and treatment.
  • Reduce sources of infestation by avoiding clutter and washing used clothes and textiles at high temperatures.
  • When traveling, meticulously inspect your room and luggage, wash all worn and unworn clothing at 60°C upon return.

By scrupulously following these recommendations, bed bugs can be effectively fought and their spread avoided. If you spot bed bugs at Disneyland Paris, notify a park employee.

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