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Loki, I Am Groot… Here are the New Release Dates for Marvel Studios Series

Marvel Studios has unveiled new release dates for its Disney+ series. Loki in October 2022, What If…? at Christmas, Echo in January 2024… We take stock of the rescheduled timeline for MCU shows.

Dear readers, we are pleased to announce the very latest news regarding the schedule for Marvel Studios series! As reported by the Hollywood Reporter, the House of Mouse has decided to reshuffle its lineup and postpone several highly anticipated shows.

Loki Still Set for October

Loki saison 2 - newsroom disney
Loki season 2 – disney newsroom

First, good news, Loki will return as planned next October. Season 2 of this successful series about the god of mischief will be the only one to premiere this fall. Early feedback is glowing and suggests an impressive spectacle.

What If…? for Christmas

Affiche de la série What if...? - Disney+
What if…? poster – Disney+ series poster

Then, you’ll have to wait until Christmas to (re)discover season 2 of What If…?. This animated series will offer new parallel universes playing with our favorite Marvel heroes. It will whet our appetites before kicking off 2024!

The Cute I Am Groot Series Arrives in September

Affiche de la série Je S'appelle Groot - Disney+
Groot poster – Disney+

Before that, in September, fans will be able to find the character Groot in his own animated series titled I Am Groot. On the menu, cute and funny adventures with the Guardians’ favorite kid!

2024 Promises Rich Innovations

Because yes, next year promises many new releases from Marvel Studios. First, Echo will premiere in January. Centered around the eponymous character glimpsed in Hawkeye, this darkly-toned series promises its fair share of chills.

Affiche de la série Echo - Disney+
Echo series poster – Disney+

Soon after comes X-Men 97, the new animated series reprising the universe of the famous 90s cartoon. It will thrill long-time fans!

Affiche de la série X-Men '97 - Disney+
X-Men ’97 series poster – Disney+

Finally, the big event of fall 2024 will be Agatha: Coven of Chaos, focused on the creepy witch Agatha Harkness. Get ready to shiver for Halloween!

Affiche de la série Agatha : Coven of chaos - Disney+
Agatha: Coven of chaos poster – Disney+ series

Several Postponements to Deplore

Affiche de la série Ironheart - Disney+
Ironheart series poster – Disney+

Unfortunately, several postponements are also to be deplored. For now Ironheart, Daredevil: Born Again and Wonder Man have been postponed indefinitely, as their shoots were impacted by the recent Hollywood strikes. Let’s hope these snags won’t delay their releases too much!

Affiche de la série Daredevil - Disney+
Daredevil series poster – Disney+

Meanwhile, Live the Excitement!

In short, as you can see, you’ll have to arm yourself with a little patience before discovering all the new Marvel Studios series. But between Loki, What If…? and others, there will be plenty to sink your teeth into in the coming months. We can’t wait to give you our take on these shows that look breathtaking!

In the meantime, feel free to share your favorite Marvel series with us. And see you very soon for more Crunchy news from the MCU!

Header image credit: Disney+

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