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New shows, new characters… Here are the hidden novelties of Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris is preparing new shows for 2024, including a musical show on Alice in Wonderland and a show with BMX acts. The park has also launched auditions to find new performers for the characters of Asha and Mirabel.

Thanks to the official recruitment announcements published on the Disney Auditions website, we have gleaned clues about upcoming novelties at Disneyland Paris. Attention, scoop!

A show around Black Panther in preparation

According to auditions organized by Disneyland Paris, a new show around the Black Panther universe is in preparation. To bring this original show to life, the park is actively looking for athletic actresses able to play the formidable Dora Milaje warriors. Candidates will have to be willing to shave their heads to perfectly match the iconic look from the movie.

Auditions for this show will take place in late September 2023 in Paris. To be continued…

A musical mixing different dance styles

Disneyland Paris announcements also reveal the development of a musical mixing jazz, hip-hop, modern dance and urban dance… All styles will be highlighted in this future show planned for the 2024 spring/summer season.

The park is looking for versatile dancers and choreographers for this show. The highly anticipated auditions will take place next month.

New Dora Milaje on the way

According to planned castings, new Dora Milaje could appear at Disneyland Paris in 2024. The park will hold auditions from September 2024 to find bilingual artists able to play these iconic Wakanda warriors.

Will these be simple replacements or the introduction of new characters? Only the future will tell!

Asha, soon in the parks for meet & greets and parades?

Disneyland Paris is also looking for its performer for the character of Asha, the heroine of the upcoming Disney animated film “Wish.” Auditions are open until September 30, 2023. The park is looking for candidates between 163cm and 173cm speaking French or English, in good physical condition and at ease on stage.

The role consists of playing Asha, an energetic 17-year-old girl who believes in the power of making wishes come true. Contracts offered are CDDs or CDIs, with housing as an option. Selected artists will have the chance to bring Disney magic to life in front of the park’s audience.

The character of Mirabel also in preparation

In addition to the character of Asha, Disneyland Paris is also looking for its performer for Mirabel, the heroine of the Encanto animated film. Auditions will be held on October 7 and 9, 2023 in Madrid and Malaga, Spain. The park is looking for candidates between 158cm and 165cm with good dance skills and speaking French or English.

Sought profiles must be dynamic and in good physical condition to play Mirabel in the park’s shows and parades. Here again, contracts offered are CDDs or CDIs, under the French general system. Selected artists will have the unique opportunity to participate in Disneyland Paris’ fabulous shows.

Alice in Wonderland… on BMX!

With the arrival of the show on the universe of Alice in Wonderland planned for 2024, Disneyland Paris could also incorporate BMX rider acts into this fairytale show. Recent auditions organized by the park to recruit BMX Freestyle and Flatland specialists suggest these talents could reinforce the show.

We can imagine breathtaking stunts performed on Alice in Wonderland inspired BMX bikes. Riders would ride on modules representing the rabbit hole, giant mushrooms or the Mad Hatter’s table. A way to infuse a touch of modernity into this timeless tale in a show that already promises to be innovative. To be continued!

Alluring contracts for new recruits

Of course, all these roles offer attractive working conditions in Europe’s largest theme park. Contracts offered are usually intermittent show business CDDs.

Disneyland Paris is looking for dynamic profiles with excellent physical condition and strong stage presence. In short, passionate artists ready to bring Disney magic to life!

Applications are open on the DisneyAuditions website. Take your chance now!

Beautiful surprises to come for visitors

Thanks to these official clues, fabulous shows are in preparation at Disneyland Paris. Between the Marvel universe and new musicals, the park will continue to amaze its visitors with surprises.

We can’t wait to discover these novelties! And you, what are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments.

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