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Disney Lorcana Sell-Out: Card Shortage Will Continue for Months

The chaotic launch of Disney Lorcana has led to a card shortage that will continue for several months, due to insufficient production compared to huge enthusiasm. Here are our tips to be patient.

The Disney Lorcana phenomenon strikes again! Stocks of the famous collectible cards featuring Mickey, Elsa and friends have sold out within hours. Between production issues, unexpected success and speculation, this shortage will unfortunately last several more months. We explain why you’ll need to arm yourself with patience before completing your Lorcana collection.

A Chaotic Launch

To say the least, the launch of Disney Lorcana has been far from smooth! From the previews in the US during GenCon in early August, specialized stores were stormed by huge crowds rushing to get the coveted cards. The phenomenon repeated itself in France on August 18th, with stock shortages within just two days.

Same observation for the launch in retail on September 1st – most chains like Fnac, Cultura or Micromania had not a single card left on shelves by day’s end. Between limited quantities and massive preorders, hordes of disappointed fans left stores empty-handed.

Online, the situation was equally dire. Specialized sites like Philibertnet.com or Starcitygames.com reported “sold out,” while generalists like Amazon were also out of stock. Even the official e-shop Shopdisney.fr had no more boosters or decks available.

Insufficient Production

How to explain such a logistic disaster? Simply due to a glaring lack of printing capacity. The majority is currently monopolized by Pokemon, Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh. For newcomer Lorcana, only a few slots remain.

Ravensburger and Disney clearly underestimated the quantities required to ensure optimal distribution. Stocks planned a year in advance proved paltry given the fans’ enthusiasm. To make matters worse, the reprint of Lorcana First Chapter won’t start until Q1 2024, as announced by the brand on Twitter.

Soaring Speculation

This card shortage has created a highly lucrative parallel market for unscrupulous resellers. On sites like Leboncoin or Vinted, there are hundreds of resale ads between individuals. Some don’t hesitate to sell standard cards for several hundred euros a piece!

Bids are also skyrocketing on Ebay, with certain cards going for over €3000. Obviously at such prices, the risk of fraud is extremely high. We advise caution and not buying from just any seller.

Immense Popularity

If Disney Lorcana is suffering from such scarcity, it’s first and foremost thanks to the huge public craze around it. With its hugely popular heroes like Mickey, Elsa or the Lion King, the game appeals to a very wide audience. Disney fans are out in force, which is less the case for licenses like Yu-Gi-Oh or even Magic, more confidential.

Lorcana is thus benefitting from an intergenerational nostalgia effect, bringing together parents and children around a shared Disney passion. The latter are thrilled to discover the characters that marked their parents’ childhood.

Upcoming Competition

With its thunderous entry, Disney Lorcana proves the collectible card market is not set in stone. Even behemoths like Pokemon are starting to worry about this new competition. All the more so given Disney’s offensive is just beginning.

Already in 2024, another flagship license will land in the TCG universe: Star Wars. Perfect for attracting an even wider audience, from fans of the space saga to card collectors. The Force will definitely be with Disney in the years to come.

A Player’s Patience

In short, everything indicates the Lorcana shortage will unfortunately drag on for several more months – the time needed for production capacity to meet the public’s massive demand. By end of 2023, some restocks should happen in certain stores. But we’ll have to wait until early 2024 for supply to return to normal.

In the meantime, it’s best to exercise patience and not give in to speculation. Even if the wait seems endless, don’t rush on the first available packs at exorbitant prices. Have confidence, your Lorcana collection will eventually be completed for just a few dozen euros. Disney magic will operate sooner or later!

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