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How Long Will it Stay Very Hot at Disneyland Paris?

France is currently experiencing a heatwave that is also affecting the Marne-la-Vallée region where Disneyland Paris is located. According to data from Météo France, temperatures peaked this Sunday, September 10th.

The mercury nearly reached 35°C this afternoon in Chessy, the municipality where Disneyland Paris is located. The night also promises to be stifling, with expected lows of no less than 20°C. These temperatures, well above seasonal norms, placed the region under a heatwave orange alert until this morning. We advise you to continue following recommendations to best endure the end of this episode of intense heat.

In the late afternoon on Sunday, some attractions were closed due to the extreme heat. This was the case for Slinky Dog, Cars Quatre Roues, and Les Tapis Volants, according to Sami from Hello Parcs on Twitter.

Cooler Temperatures Starting Monday, September 11th

Fortunately, a relative coolness is expected starting tomorrow, Monday. Highs in Chessy should not exceed 31°C, then will drop to around 24°C on Tuesday and Wednesday. Wind gusts up to 50km/h are even expected on Monday, which should help cool the atmosphere somewhat.

On Thursday and Friday, the mercury is not expected to surpass 25°C. Lows will also dip back below 20°C at night. A welcome breath of fresh air after this late heatwave!

Our Recommendations Until the End of the Heatwave

Despite the very high temperatures, it is possible to fully enjoy your stay at Disneyland Paris by following our recommendations:

  • Drink regularly from the many fountains in the park, at least 1.5L per day per person
  • Apply sunscreen regularly, especially for children, and seek shade whenever possible
  • Favor indoor attractions (Pirates of the Caribbean, Phantom Manor, Star Tours, etc.) in the early afternoon during peak heat
  • Cool off with misters placed throughout the park or a personal mister
  • Wear lightweight cotton clothing and a hat to protect yourself from the sun
  • Take breaks inside air-conditioned shops and restaurants
  • Return to your hotel to rest and cool down in the mid-afternoon
  • Keep children well hydrated and offer them ice cream to cool off
  • Enjoy evening shows when temperatures are more pleasant

Heat can sometimes cause faintness, especially in vulnerable people and young children. If you experience signs of weakness, dizziness, or nausea, do not hesitate to react quickly:

  • Sit or lie down in the shade and elevate your legs
  • Loosen any tight clothing
  • Cool yourself with water on your face and forearms
  • In case of persistent symptoms or serious discomfort, call emergency services immediately
  • You can also alert one of the many park cast members, who can call Disneyland Paris emergency services


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