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How Pop-Up Surprises Works: A New Perk for Disneyland Pass Holders

On September 1, 2023, Disneyland Paris will launch Pop-Up Surprises, an exclusive experience for Disneyland Pass program members, including unique encounters and unprecedented shopping experiences.

This fall, Disneyland Paris dazzles its visitors once again with the unveiling of a new space dedicated to Disneyland Pass program members and holders of the previous Annual Pass range. We immerse you in the magical world of Pop-Up Surprises, an unprecedented experience promising to delight both young and old. Disneyland Paris has therefore chosen to reveal new information about this surprising perk.

Pop-Up Surprises: A Brand-New Experience at Disneyland

Starting from September 1, 2023, holders of Disneyland Pass (Bronze, Silver, Gold) and Annual Passes (Discovery, Magic Flex, Magic Plus, and Infinity) can relish the exclusivity of Pop-Up Surprises. Located at the Disneyland Pass Corner, in the place of the former Annual Pass office, this area provides unique encounters with Disney characters and unprecedented shopping experiences, all without a subscription surcharge.

  • Character Encounters: A fifteen-minute slot to meet rare characters.
Pop Up Surprise - Instagram Screenshot
Pop Up Surprise – Instagram Screenshot

Registration and Reservations

One of the few new additions to the new Disneyland Pass range is the announcement of Pop-Up Surprises. Participation is free, but requires prior registration on the usual booking platform.

  • Reservation Link: Reservation Link
  • Accompanying Members: Up to three holders of a Disneyland Pass or an Annual Pass can be invited.
  • Reservation for Disney Parks: Mandatory for the chosen date, including for companions.

The First Series of Pop-Up Surprises: From September 1 to 24

The first series of Pop-Up Surprises offers a priceless opportunity to meet a rare character in the magical setting of Disneyland Paris. A teaser video has been unveiled for this first encounter without revealing the character’s identity. Speculation is rife among fans!

  • Personal Photos: Cameras and smartphones are allowed, but no PhotoPass photographer will be present.
  • Time Slots: Choose a quarter-hour that suits you.

Pop-Up Surprises: An Innovation to Reward Disneyland Pass Holders

The addition of Pop-Up Surprises to the Disneyland Paris offer testifies to the Walt Disney Company’s dedication to its most loyal visitors. Members of the Disneyland Pass program and holders of the previous Annual Pass range are rewarded with this unique and memorable experience.

We urge you to seize this opportunity, whether you are a regular at Disneyland Paris or a new member of the Disneyland Pass program. The Pop-Up Surprises experience is a beautiful way to celebrate Disney’s magic and add an extra touch of enchantment to your visit.

Image credit: Montage ToutDisney

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