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The very luxurious lobby of Disneyland Hotel partially revealed in video

A video offers an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the lobby of Disneyland Hotel during renovation. Highlight is a blown glass light sculpture designed by Disneyland Paris Imagineers and crafted by a Czech artisan.

In an never-before-seen video, we get exclusive images of the behind the scenes of the reimagining of Disneyland Hotel. The centerpiece is a splendid blown glass light sculpture that will adorn the lobby. This magnificent creation was designed by the talented Disneyland Paris Imagineers. To manufacture it, they enlisted a master glassblower from the Czech Republic. Using an innovative process, he succeeded in magnifying the quality of the crystal used.

The sculpture includes a breathtaking shimmering ribbon, which will spread a magical atmosphere throughout the lobby. Its enchanting glow will even extend to the hotel’s library. Visitors will be able to discover about fifteen books and parchments, which will plunge them into the heart of Disney’s fabulous stories.

With this imposing blown glass chandelier, Disneyland Hotel is set to become even more majestic. Its common areas promise to be absolutely royal, to the great delight of fans staying there. This behind-the-scenes video gives us a wonderful sneak peek at what awaits future guests of this prestigious palace.

The wait is likely to be long before we can admire this masterpiece!

Image credit: Disneyland Paris

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