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These new covered facilities coming to Disneyland Paris

We have just learned that Disneyland Paris has launched an extensive investment plan to expand the covered areas in its parks. The goal? To improve the comfort of the many visitors facing the whims of the Parisian weather. Explanation.

In a press release dated October 11, 2023, the group officially announced this ambitious project. It plans to cover as many restaurant terraces and shops as possible, as well as some of the famous waiting lines for the flagship attractions.

To achieve this, Disneyland Paris will rely on its imaginative Imagineers, these exceptional designers of Disney parks around the world. Their mission? To integrate these new protective structures in a harmonious and immersive way, without detracting from the magic of the places.

In fact, this concern for visitor comfort in the face of the Parisian climate is not new. Since the opening of Disneyland Paris in 1992, many arcades had been set up on Main Street USA. The goal: to allow visitors to stroll sheltered, even in case of rain.

Three decades later, Disneyland Paris continues to innovate to provide an optimal experience. The resort adapts to evolving expectations for leisure and tourism. These new covered facilities are part of this logic of continuous improvement.

Some of these spaces protected from inclement weather have already been inaugurated. This is the case at the Pizzeria Bella Notte restaurant in Adventureland. Its recent extension, in the colors of the Pixar movie Luca, includes a new covered terrace.

Another major transformation is that of the Fuente Del Oro restaurant into Casa de Coco – Restaurante de Familia, in Frontierland. In addition to the interiors paying tribute to the movie Coco, a covered terrace with Mexican colors has been added.

But this is just the beginning! Other covered facility projects are already planned. On Main Street USA, Casey’s Corner restaurant will soon benefit from a new Victorian-style terrace. Its style will be inspired by the baseball universe celebrated in this iconic place.

These new covered facilities coming to Disneyland Paris
Le concept art de la future terasse de Casey’s Corner. – Disneyland Paris

Right next door, the character meet and greet area will feature an elegant covered kiosk by 2024. Perfect for fully enjoying those magical moments, even in the rain!

At Walt Disney Studios Park, the terrifying Tower of Terror will have its outdoor queue line protected from inclement weather. Allowing guests to wait more serenely before experiencing adrenaline rushes.

And that’s not all! Disneyland Paris still has many more covered facility projects in the long term. Especially around the iconic Peter Pan’s Flight attraction, one of the most popular in the park.

All these new structures will seek to enhance visitors’ immersion into the Disney universes. They will combine refined architecture with nods to the attractions concerned. The challenge is ambitious: improve comfort without distorting the magic of the places.

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