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The 3 restaurants at Disneyland Hotel Paris finally unveiled

The restaurants at Disneyland Hotel Paris will offer a varied gastronomic experience in themed decors upon reopening in 2024. On the menu: the Royal Banquet buffet, refined cuisine at La Table de Lumière, and cocktails at Fleur de Lys Bar.

We are delighted to reveal the three new restaurants and bars that will make up the gastronomic offerings at Disneyland Hotel upon its reopening in 2024. Between royal ambiances, French specialties, and Disney character appearances, these establishments promise a unique experience for visitors.

The Royal Banquet for a princely buffet

Plats du Disneyland hotel - Disneyland Paris
Dishes at the Disneyland hotel – Disneyland Paris

The first gourmet stop at Disneyland Hotel is the Royal Banquet. In this restaurant with decor inspired by the reception halls of European castles, you can enjoy an all-you-can-eat buffet breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Surrounded by representations of Disney royal dynasties! On the walls, discover portraits of King Triton and his daughters from The Little Mermaid, Tiana and her father James from The Princess and the Frog, and the royal family of Arendelle in Frozen.

The Royal Banquet has no less than four rooms with distinct themes. Each will showcase a different Disney world region: Louisiana, the underwater kingdom, Scandinavia… Your taste buds will travel according to local specialties. Cajun shrimp, seafood, Nordic smoked salmon… There will be something for every taste!

The cherry on top: Mickey, Minnie and their friends dressed in royal attire will come to meet you during lunch and dinner service. The perfect opportunity to immortalize these privileged moments.

La Table de Lumière for princely cuisine

Plats du Disneyland hotel - Disneyland Paris
Dishes at the Disneyland hotel – Disneyland Paris

Another exceptional restaurant at Disneyland Hotel is La Table de Lumière. Here, enjoy table service in a decor inspired by the famous Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles. Between the gilding, sparkling chandeliers and infinity mirrors, you’ll feel transported to the court of the Sun King.

On the plate, a tasty treat with refined French cuisine highlighting local terroirs and savoir-faire. Delicate sole and scallops, smooth foie gras, subtle duck magret… The great classics of our regions will be skillfully revisited.

But that’s not all. During dinner, Disney royal duos will come surprise guests. Belle and her Prince, Tiana and Naveen, Rapunzel and Flynn… All in formal attire for a dream evening. Magic and gastronomy will meet in this enchanting setting.

Fleur de Lys Bar for a gourmet break

Feel like a drink or snack any time of day? Fleur de Lys Bar is for you. In a bluish and silvery atmosphere evoking the symbols of French royalty, this lounge bar invites relaxation.

Le fleur de lys, bar restaurant du Disneyland Hotel - Disneyland Paris
Le fleur de lys, bar restaurant at the Disneyland Hotel – Disneyland Paris

Afternoon tea will be served with refinement. Enjoy teas, coffees and sweet treats in a British spirit. Those looking for fun will opt for a wide choice of signature cocktails, non-alcoholic mocktails, and even a champagne crafted exclusively for Disneyland Hotel.

Fleur de Lys Bar is the ideal haunt for snacking between activities or simply quenching your thirst. Its menu highlights local products and creativity, satisfying all cravings at cualquier momento, as José Carioca would say.

Immersive experiences

Décoration du restaurants La table de lumière - Disneyland Paris
Decoration of the restaurant La table de lumière – Disneyland Paris

With the Royal Banquet, La Table de Lumière and Fleur de Lys Bar, Disneyland Hotel goes all out for dining. These three complementary addresses offer an immersive plunge into the Disney universe, between grandiose decors, character appearances, and nods to animated films.

Each restaurant has its own identity but all celebrate in their own way the world of fairy tales and royalty. Whether opting for the gargantuan Royal Banquet buffet, the gastronomic La Table de Lumière dinner, or a drink at Fleur de Lys Bar, every moment will be lived intensely.

The cherry on top: high-end French cuisine highlighting local terroirs and specialties. Delighting fine gourmets and little ones alike.

Booking your restaurant

To enjoy Disneyland Hotel restaurants, book your stay now on the official Disneyland Paris website or by phone. Availability is limited, so we recommend planning your trip in advance.

Rates vary according to period, room category and length of stay. All information is available online. Note that booking a hotel + park tickets package is more advantageous.

So, ready to experience royal gastronomy at Disneyland Paris? Just compile your ideal program among the three Disneyland Hotel restaurants. Enjoy your gourmet stay!

Image credit: Montage by ToutDisney

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