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Lorcana Cards : Where to Find and Buy Them at Disneyland Paris?

The latest Disney Lorcana cards from Ravensburger have just arrived at the shops in Disneyland Paris. We’re revealing where you can find these new games in the Disneyland Paris parks and at Disney Village.

In the realm of Lorcana, you take on the role of an Illuminator, tasked with assembling a team of iconic Disney characters. Let yourself be carried away by your favorite characters and discover reimagined versions of some of them. From Mulan to Hades, Disney’s magical universe comes to life in a unique and thrilling way.

Where to Find and Buy Lorcana Cards at Disneyland Paris ?

The new Lorcana cards have arrived at Disneyland Paris during the week of August 14th. Currently, you can purchase them at the StoryBook Store in the main park. According to our information, new stores will start selling the Disney Lorcana cards starting Monday, August 21st. As per our information, the boutiques at World of Disney and the Newport Bay Club hotel will be offering the games from August 21st. We recommend getting the cards promptly, as they might quickly become victims of their own success. Based on our observations, many Disney fans are already eagerly snatching up these new cards.

Moreover, if you’re unable to visit Disneyland Paris, rest assured that the Disney Lorcana cards can be purchased from all authorized specialty stores approved by Ravensburger (the manufacturer). An interactive map is available to help you locate the sellers of these new cards.

Which Cards Are Available for Sale?

Disney fans and card game enthusiasts will discover a wide array of products to immerse themselves in the world of Lorcana.

Starter Decks: Your ideal starting point, equipped with game tokens, a rulebook, and a booster containing 12 random cards. 24-Booster Displays: An adventure full of surprises and wonders awaits players with these enchanting boxes containing 24 boosters. The Gift Set: Dive into a world of magic with large-format shiny cards, game tokens, and four boosters included in the set. Other Accessories: Card sleeves, storage boxes, playmats, and card binders are also available to enhance your gaming experience.

How to Play Disney Lorcana TCG?

The objective of Disney Lorcana is to become the greatest Illuminator by accumulating Lore points through your adventures. But how do you play this captivating game?

Basic Rules: Each player needs a 60-card deck to enter the world of Disney Lorcana. Starter Decks serve as your entry ticket, providing a complete set of carefully curated cards for an immersive gaming experience. Tokens: In addition to cards, each Starter Deck comes with 11 game tokens to track your adventures and successes. Booster: A booster containing 12 random cards is also included in each Starter Deck, offering a glimpse of the diversity of possibilities in the Lorcana universe.

If you’re at Disneyland Paris, don’t miss the opportunity to discover this game in the magical ambiance of the park.

Participate in Disney Lorcana Events

With the game’s release, numerous events are taking place all over France. A community Disney Lorcana events calendar, including tournaments, costume contests, cake competitions, card signings, and many other activities centered around your favorite game, has been published on the official website.

We encourage you to participate and immerse yourself in this magical universe, whether you’re at Disneyland Paris or elsewhere in France. The Disney Lorcana TCG game is an adventure that awaits you, so embark on a journey into the enchanted realm of Lorcana and let the magic sweep you away!

Header Image Credit: Ravensburger

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