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RER A closure : how to get to Disneyland Paris in august 2023 ?

The summer construction on the RER A makes accessing Disneyland Paris a complicated task between August 5 and 20. This article delivers the essential information about alternative routes and the measures taken.

Starting from Wednesday, August 9, until Friday, August 18, a significant construction project has halted the circulation of RER A line between the stations of Nation (Paris) and Val-de-Fontenay (Val-de-Marne). If you are planning to visit Disneyland Paris during this period, here’s everything you need to know about these works and how they may affect your visit.

Major Impact for Guests

A trip to Disneyland Paris typically starts with a journey on RER A for many. But with these works, the journey has become complex. A morning can be lost in transportation, and some visitors, like Armelle and her family, spent half of their day getting there.

  • Track Renewal: The construction aims to replace track components and 1.5 km of ballast.
  • Extended Travel Duration: With replacement buses, some travelers find their journey significantly prolonged.

What Are the Alternatives ?

If RER A is your usual route to Disneyland, don’t worry, there are still ways to get there:

  • RER E to Val-de-Fontenay: Then switch to RER A towards Marne-la-Vallée Chessy.
  • Using a Car: Though it may be more costly in terms of fuel.
  • Motorcycle: Some travelers have chosen this method, although it may cause delays.
  • Replacement Buses: They are in place, but travel time may be extended.

Your Questions, Our Answers

How long will the construction last ?

From August 9 to 18, 24/7, the line will be closed between the stations of Nation and Val de Fontenay • Fontenay-sous-Bois. Moreover, between the stations of Cergy–Le Haut and Conflans–Fin d’Oise, the interruption will last longer, from August 5 to 20.

Why these works ?

Much more than routine maintenance, these works are of critical importance. On the SNCF side, the goal is the renewal of tracks and ballast, involving the disassembly, removal of old rail pieces, and installation of preassembled track panels. New ballast will be added and adjusted to the millimeter. These modernization works will replace 1.2 kilometers of a 44-year-old track, thus gaining in reliability.

On the RATP side, 6 track devices and 1.5 km of track and ballast between Nation and the branches’ bifurcation of Val de Fontenay / Fontenay-sous-Bois will be renewed after 45 years of service. RATP will also take this pause to carry out works at the Vincennes station, such as the installation of noise protection, without causing additional inconvenience to travelers.

What are the alternatives ?

As usual, replacement buses and reinforcements of regular lines will be arranged to assist you in your travels, although travel times will be extended. We thus suggest you adapt your routes and postpone your trips if possible.

These works are not a mere temporary inconvenience but an essential step to maintain and enhance the infrastructure that enables your magical trips to Disneyland Paris. If you have additional questions, feel free to ask us, and we will be happy to answer.

Head Image Credit: Eole99 / Wikimedia

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