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Disneyland Paris : Beware, fake taxis lurk near the parks

Fake taxis near Disneyland Paris could be a costly trap for visitors. Learn to identify them and avoid falling into their snare with our precise and practical advice.

According to a recent investigation published in Le Parisien on Tuesday, June 27th, a growing issue is plaguing the surroundings of Chessy – Marne-la-Vallée station, adjacent to Disneyland Paris. It appears that illegal drivers are abundant near the park gates, targeting visitors as they leave the attractions.

Fake taxis near Chessy – Marne-la-Vallée Station

Legitimate taxi drivers are voicing their indignation at the influx of these illegal competitors who, despite the law, are prowling around Chessy – Marne-la-Vallée station, now the drop-off point for thousands of visitors leaving Disneyland Paris. This particularly tense situation regularly leads to conflicts, including physical altercations. This phenomenon has been exacerbated since the end of the health crisis, with a significant number of these illegal drivers even holding a private hire vehicle (PHV) license.

The station, located less than 100 meters from the parks, is swarmed by these drivers who, on the prowl, strive to pick up clients. The situation has become so severe that regular taxi drivers speak of fear when it comes to working. Nevertheless, all of these drivers have formal authorisation to operate in this area.

£40 for a 5-minute ride

According to Le Parisien, only 57 taxis are officially authorised to operate around the station, while there are over a hundred fake taxis. Their tactics are unscrupulous: they snag clients, set inflated prices, and taunt official taxi drivers.

In the absence of regulation, these unscrupulous drivers charge fares at their discretion. Some do not hesitate to ask for up to £200 for a trip to Paris. Even the shortest trips can prove costly, with fake taxis charging up to £40 for a mere 5-minute ride.

How to identify a real taxi ?

To avoid falling into the trap of these fake taxis, here are some practical tips, relayed by the Paris police prefecture, to identify a real taxi:

  • The vehicle is fitted with a light indicating whether it is available or not.
  • A taximeter is visible, allowing the fare to be calculated in real time.
  • An information sign is affixed to a window of the vehicle.
  • A stand permit number is assigned to each taxi and should be visible.

Insufficient action

Despite the existence of this issue, the authorities seem powerless. In 2022, only 73 fines were issued following 48 control operations. Faced with this situation, legal drivers feel helpless. They are calling for more frequent and stringent checks to prevent the proliferation of these fake taxis.

Given this situation, we can only advise you to be particularly vigilant when leaving Disneyland Paris park. Take the time to check if the vehicle you are getting into is a genuine taxi, as specified by the police prefecture. Remember, a real taxi will be fitted with a light, a taximeter, an information sign affixed to a window, and a stand permit number.

If you do not see these elements, consider refusing the transport offer and look for a legitimate taxi.

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