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Up to £19,000 : Lorcana Disney Cards Ignite Resale Websites

The new Lorcana Disney cards are already setting social media ablaze with resale activity just a few days after their release. Leboncoin, Vinted, Ebay… Peer-to-peer resale platforms are witnessing a surge in listings for Lorcana cards. Let’s delve into the details.

It didn’t take long. The Disney Lorcana phenomenon is already sweeping across the nation. Merely days after their debut, the fresh cards resulting from the collaboration between Disney and Ravensburger are being snapped up like hotcakes on the second-hand marketplaces. As a reminder, the Disney Lorcana cards were officially released in France on Friday, August 18th, 2023. Much like the Pokémon cards of yesteryears, Lorcana cards facilitate family and friends gaming, featuring beloved Disney heroes and heroines. According to multiple reports on social media, several stores were already facing shortages mere hours after the cards hit the shelves.

£19,000 (€22,200) on Leboncoin

A veritable “Lorcana phenomenon” appears to have ignited a substantial parallel resale market. Indeed, based on our observations, resale listings on second-hand platforms have surged following the card release. Capitalizing on shortages in certain stores, resellers are unabashedly pricing individual cards at several hundred euros apiece. On Leboncoin, as of Sunday, August 20th, we’ve tallied just over 170 listings. Prices range from £19,000 (€22,200) to… £1 (€1.17). These prices, barring the extravagant offers, remain significantly higher than the initial price.

On Vinted, the number of listings surpasses 500. Prices here too are entirely decoupled from the market and occasionally reach several thousand euros. In a similar vein, the site Ebay is also witnessing an explosion in Lorcana card sales. The site also facilitates auction-style selling. For instance, a “graded” card named “MICKEY MOUSE Brave Little Tailor 1ST ED” is already commanding £3,010 (€3,530) after more than 65 bids. This surge of opportunism seems to affirm the true marketing success of this novel collection.

Une enchère à plus de 3 000 euros sur Leboncoin - Capture d'écran
Une enchère à plus de 3 000 euros sur Leboncoin – Capture d’écran

Numerous Scams

This resounding success of the second-hand market isn’t devoid of scams. On Twitter, user “Reco” particularly alerts about the possibility of opening Display packs without leaving any trace. Boosters can then be removed from the set without the buyer noticing.

For now, we advise you to steer clear of purchasing your future Lorcana cards from private individuals. Stocks are likely to return to specialized stores in the coming days. If, nonetheless, you still wish to place an order with an unofficial reseller, ensure you thoroughly vet their reputation on the respective platform and exercise caution towards newly created accounts or those lacking any prior listings.

Header Image Credit: Screenshot / Montage Tout Disney

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