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Discover the 3 Types of (Magical) Rooms at the 2024 Disneyland Hotel

The Disneyland Hotel will offer 3 room categories when it reopens in 2024: Superior, Deluxe, and Castle Club. Discover their unique features and level of Disney immersion. Book your fairy tale stay now!

When it reopens in January 2024, the Disneyland Hotel will give visitors the choice between 3 radically different room styles. Immerse yourself in the enchanted worlds of your favorite Disney movies for a night or more in one of Europe’s most magical hotels!

Superior Rooms, Step Into The Disney Magic

The Superior Rooms will be the entry-level offer at this luxurious 5-star hotel. With 346 rooms, they will provide families and couples with an enchanted escape next to the Disney Parks.

Chambre supérieur, mettant en lumière le bleu pastel et la teinte ivoire - Disneyland Paris
Superior room, featuring pastel blue and ivory hues – Disneyland Paris

Upon arriving in these cozy cocoons, you will be transported into the universe of your favorite Disney heroines. Everything has been carefully designed to immerse you in timeless tales like Snow White, Cinderella or even Rapunzel.

Eléments thématiser que l'on peut retrouver dans les chambres - Disneyland Paris
Themed elements to be found in the rooms – Disneyland Paris

Unique artwork featuring 11 classic Disney films will adorn the walls and ceilings. Even the carpet will contain nods to these magical worlds. Special mention to the gorgeous mirror framed in gold like Rapunzel’s hair.

Eléments thématiser que l'on peut retrouver dans les chambres - Disneyland Paris
Themed elements to be found in the rooms – Disneyland Paris

For equipment, everything has been designed for your royal comfort: soft beds, TV concealed in the mirror, coffee machine and tea set hidden in a precious casket… You will want for nothing!

Deluxe Rooms, An Even More Magical Universe

With the Deluxe Rooms, your stay in this legendary hotel will shift into high gear. These 82 rooms have been specially designed to offer you an unprecedented immersive experience.

Chambre Deluxe, avec sa palette de couleurs plus douces et ses tonalités doré et pourpre - Disneyland Paris
Deluxe rooms, with their softer colour palette and shades of gold and purple – Disneyland Paris

Here, every detail serves to immerse you fully in your favorite tales. In addition to the stunning Disney artwork already present in the Superior Rooms, you will enjoy the unique lighting of the “animated bed canopies”. These spectacular light shows will reveal their full magic at sunset.

Ciel de lit des chambres Deluxe - Disneyland Paris
Bed canopy in the Deluxe rooms – Disneyland Paris

Another privilege: access to the Deluxe Lounge with breathtaking views of the gardens. You can relax in this cozy lounge throughout the day and enjoy a generous breakfast. The height of refinement, Disney-style!

Deluxe lounge - Disneyland Paris
Deluxe lounge – Disneyland Paris

Castle Club, The Ultimate In Disney Hospitality

With the Castle Club, live the ultimate experience of a stay inside a real fairy tale. These 41 rooms and 18 suites occupy the hotel’s top two floors. They represent the flagship of this exceptional establishment.

Chambre Castle Club - Disneyland Paris
Chambre Castle Club – Disneyland Paris

Here, every detail contributes to your well-being and total immersion in the Disney universe. In addition to the unique murals already present in the other rooms, you will enjoy a sound and light show at sunset. Magic will happen at every moment!

Eléments thématiser que l'on peut retrouver dans les chambres - Disneyland Paris
Themed elements to be found in the rooms – Disneyland Paris

Another exclusive privilege: access to the Castle Club Lounge. This private lounge will allow you to enjoy a private breakfast in the company of your favorite Disney princesses. Thrills guaranteed!

Petit-déjeuner avec les Princesses Disney, réserver aux résidents des chambres et Suites du Castle Club - Disneyland Paris
Breakfast with the Disney Princesses, reserved for residents of Castle Club rooms and Suites – Disneyland Paris

Thanks to its private elevator and reception desk, the Castle Club will provide you with an unmatched sense of intimacy. The ultimate experience for any fan dreaming of spending a night in a real Disney castle.

So which room category should you book for your next stay at the Disneyland Hotel? Whatever your budget, you are sure to experience something extraordinary at this luxurious New York-style hotel. Ready to unlock the doors to your dreams?

Image credit: Montage ToutDisney

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