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Rosalie Brasserie Opening Date Finally Revealed by Disneyland Paris

The Rosalie Brasserie will open its doors in December 2023 at Disney Village, replacing Café Mickey. It will offer breathtaking views of Lake Disney and authentic French cuisine.

As we had all been eagerly anticipating, Disneyland Paris has finally lifted the veil on the opening date for the long-awaited new French brasserie, Rosalie. In fact, you’ll soon be able to savor refined dishes in this exceptional brasserie starting in December 2023. Are you ready to learn more? Come on, let’s embark on the adventure!

A Strategic Position for Rosalie

Plunging its visitors into the heart of the action, Rosalie will be located between the iconic theme parks and Disney hotels, thus offering unparalleled accessibility and experience. Imagine yourself savoring a warm croissant while admiring Lake Disney from your table. Yes, this brasserie promises not only unique flavors but also a breathtaking panorama.

Disney Village is no exception! We have observed in recent times that the village is undergoing a major transformation. The goal? To offer each of us a more enriching experience, whether it’s dining, shopping or entertainment. And guess who is at the heart of this renewal? Our dear Rosalie Brasserie.

Partnership with Groupe Bertrand: A Sign of Quality

Rosalie : une nouvelle brasserie au Disney Village - Disneyland Paris
Rosalie: a new brasserie at Disney Village – Disneyland Paris

The success of this brasserie will not happen alone. Disney has partnered with a heavyweight: Groupe Bertrand. For those of you who don’t know yet, Groupe Bertrand is a reference in the restaurant industry. Not only will they oversee Rosalie, but they are also behind popular venues at Disney Village such as Rainforest Cafe and King Ludwig’s Castle. So expect a first-rate gastronomic experience.

From Café Mickey to Rosalie: An Expected Metamorphosis

Rosalie : une nouvelle brasserie au Disney Village - Disneyland Paris
Rosalie: a new brasserie at Disney Village – Disneyland Paris

For Café Mickey loyalists, rest assured. If the latter is closing its doors, it is to make way for a completely reimagined space. Rosalie will be much more than just a brasserie. In addition to its 500 seats, we recommend keeping an eye on the takeaway counter. Delicious viennoiserie, pastries, sandwiches and salads await you there. And the little extra? Seasonal and local products for an authentically French experience.

Rosalie is not just about offering delicious dishes. Its modern architecture and elegant atmosphere will stylishly celebrate the art of living the French way. You will be able to discover traditional cuisine while immersing yourself in a refined setting.

A Bright Future for Disney Village

This long-awaited announcement is part of a longer-term transformation plan. Indeed, as early as 2022, Disneyland Paris had evoked this vast modernization project for Disney Village. By moving away from the metal gray column style imagined by Frank Gehry in 1992, the village is turning towards a more contemporary aesthetic. And the good news for all of us? The coming months will see the transformation of iconic venues such as Disney Fashion Jr., Disney Fashion and The Disney Gallery. So see you in 2024 for other exciting novelties!

In summary, the Rosalie Brasserie is not just another addition to Disney Village; it is its rising star. So shall we meet in December for an unforgettable gourmet getaway?

Image credit: Montage ToutDisney

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