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What to do for free at Disneyland Paris ?

Numerous activities are freely accessible at Disneyland Paris, in the parks and at Disney Village. Discover options to fully enjoy the Disney magic without paying for admission. Practical tips.

Today we offer you a complete overview of all the free activities available in this famous dream destination. Whether you are little or big, there is something for everyone. Get ready, it’s going to be magical!

Disney Village, freely accessible shopping area

Let’s start with Disney Village, located between Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park. Access is completely free, you don’t need a park ticket. You can walk around, go shopping, eat or have fun. Disney Village is open every day from 8am to midnight, allowing you to enjoy it day and night.

  • Shops

Disney Village is full of shops with varied themes like the jungle of Rainforest Cafe, outer space with Disney Fashion, the Marvel universe at the Disney Store or the LEGO world. You will find thousands of souvenirs like plush toys, costumes, jewelry, toys. Perfect for making your loved ones happy!

  • Restaurants

For dining, the choices are endless: fast food, snacks, brasseries, western or vintage themed restaurants. There is something for all tastes and budgets! You can enjoy a good burger at Earl of Sandwich, Five Guys or McDonald’s. Or opt for more refined cuisine at Rainforest Cafe or Steakhouse.

  • Entertainment

Disney Village offers plenty of free activities to have fun. Attend an evening concert, embark on an adventure in the Rainforest Cafe jungle, take flight on the giant hot air balloon in the morning… Day and night, there is always something to do. Kids will not get bored!

Freely visit the Disney Hotels

The magnificent Disney Hotels are an integral part of the experience. Even if you are not staying there, you can visit them for free during the day. Stroll through their sumptuous lobbies and corridors to admire the decorative details. All without disturbing hotel guests of course. The Newport Bay Club with its seaside atmosphere, and the Marvel Art of Hotel dedicated to Marvel superheroes, are particularly worth a visit. You will be amazed by the meticulous work done on the interiors. A nice architectural walk to do between two attractions.

In addition to their immersive decor, Disney Hotels often house exclusive shops matching their theme. Even if you are not staying there, you can stop by and find unique products. The Cheyenne Hotel with its Wild West world for example has a souvenir and cowboy clothing store. The Santa Fe Hotel in Mexican style houses a shop with local influences. Great for bringing back original souvenirs!

Walking around the Disneyland complex

The Disneyland Paris estate is huge, with lots of greenery. A nice walk is around the lake located in Disney Village. The atmosphere is peaceful and relaxing. You will also walk along the artificial river leading to the Santa Fe and Cheyenne hotels. Along this shaded path, you can observe majestic trees and enjoy the surrounding nature. It’s a great plan for a bucolic stroll, especially when the parks are crowded. Take the time to admire the superb landscapes surrounding Disneyland Paris.

During your visits and walks around the Disney hotels, we recommend you respect the calm and privacy of the guests staying there. Avoid shouting or noisy behavior, especially near rooms. This could disturb resting visitors and attract remarks from Disneyland Paris security staff. Let’s just be courteous.

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