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What to Do at Disneyland Paris When It Rains? Here Are Our Tips

Here are some practical strategies for getting the most out of a visit to Disneyland Paris on a rainy day. Indoor attractions, indoor shows, catering… We advise you.

When we often envision Disneyland Paris bathed in sunlight, the climatic reality of Île-de-France sometimes surprises us with rainy days. However, let it be known that a shower should never spoil the magical experience of visiting. In fact, a little rain can even offer a new perspective on exploring the park and its attractions.

First and foremost, don’t forget to check the weather before heading to the park. In case of rain forecast, equip yourself with waterproof clothing and appropriate footwear. It is also recommended to have disposable ponchos, available in park shops or that you can bring from home. A compact umbrella can also come in handy.

Enjoy Indoor and Covered Attractions

It’s worth noting that the majority of attractions at Disneyland Paris are designed to remain accessible even during rainy weather. So, don’t hesitate to take advantage of these indoor and covered attractions to stay dry while experiencing magical moments. For example, the famous “It’s a Small World” attraction, which takes us on a journey around the globe, is entirely sheltered.

At Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park, several attractions and their queues are also covered. Here’s a non-exhaustive list:

At Disneyland Park:

  • “It’s a Small World”
  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  • Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast
  • Disneyland Railroad (Main Street Station)
  • Hyperspace Mountain
  • La Galerie de la Belle au Bois Dormant
  • La tanière du Dragon
  • Le Passage Enchanté d’Aladdin
  • Les Voyages de Pinocchio
  • Liberty and Discovery Arcade
  • Mad Hatter’s Tea Cup
  • Mickey and the Magician
  • Peter Pan’s Flight
  • Phantom Manor
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Star Tours II
  • Thunder Mesa Riverboat Landing

At Walt Disney Studios Park:

  • Avengers Assemble: Flight Force
  • Cars Quatre Roues Rallye
  • Ratatouille
  • Tower of Terror
  • Spider WEB Adventure
  • Studio 1

Indoor shows to discover despite the bad weather

While bad weather can sometimes disrupt outdoor shows and parades, there are fortunately alternatives. Several shows take place indoors and offer an equally entertaining and dazzling experience. Consider “Mickey and the Magician,” where dance and song come together for the delight of young and old alike. Similarly, during the Lion King season, the show “The Lion King and the Rhythms of the Earth” transports you to the heart of the Savanna, promising strong emotions even in the rain.

We also invite you to discover “Disney Junior’s Dream Factory,” a show that will especially please the youngest with its iconic Disney Junior characters. Moreover, the show “Frozen: A Musical Invitation” offers Elsa and Anna fans a unique opportunity to experience the captivating story of these beloved sisters in a covered environment.

If you’re a Pixar fan, don’t miss the show “TOGETHER: A Pixar Musical Adventure.” Get ready to be amazed by the dance and song performances paying tribute to the music of Pixar films such as Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and many more.

Finally, for a good dose of laughter, don’t miss “Stitch Live,” where Experiment 626 interacts directly with the audience, bringing joy to the children. Even in the rain, these shows promise memorable moments and beautiful memories to share.

Dining Indoors during Rainy Days

We recommend dining at off-peak hours or opting for quick snacks, as restaurants may be more crowded during rainy weather. However, keep in mind that Disneyland Paris also offers excellent table service restaurants, which are an ideal solution during rain. You’ll be comfortably sheltered and enjoy a well-deserved rest while savoring your meal.

That said, rainy weather can also be an opportunity to discover restaurants you might not have considered on sunny days. For instance, you could immerse yourself in the exotic ambiance of the Caribbean at Captain Jack’s or explore the Orient at Agrabah Café. Although these restaurants may be slightly more expensive than others, they offer a unique setting that is well worth a small additional cost.

If rainy weather is forecasted during your visit, a tip is to book your table early through the Disneyland Paris app. This way, you can be sure to have a warm spot in the restaurant of your choice. By planning ahead, you can turn a rainy day into a memorable gastronomic experience at Disneyland Paris.

Sheltering in the Park’s Shops

Feeling the need to take a break between two attractions? The park’s shops are an excellent alternative to occupy your time. From the enchanted world of the “World of Disney” store to the hidden secrets of more intimate boutiques, you’ll find treasures and souvenirs to suit all tastes, from books to clothing and plush toys.

If a storm is raging and you wish to change the scenery, why not take a stroll through Disney Village? You’ll find a multitude of shops and restaurants, as well as a Gaumont cinema. It’s an excellent alternative in case of heavy rain. The cinema offers you the opportunity to watch the latest films on offer while staying dry. Thus, you can combine your love for Disney with your passion for the cinema!

If you’re fortunate enough to stay in one of the Disney hotels, don’t forget to take advantage of their facilities. Each hotel has its unique and thematic decor. For example, you can admire the Art Deco-inspired design of the New York Hotel – The Art of Marvel or the maritime ambiance of the Newport Bay Club. These hotels also house shops, restaurants, and bars where you can take shelter and enjoy the surroundings. For those staying at the New York Hotel – The Art of Marvel or the Newport Bay Club, remember that you have access to a fitness center, sauna, and steam room.

At the Sequoia Lodge, you can also enjoy the pool and fitness center. The Davy Crockett Ranch also offers a lovely pool for relaxation and fun, even in the rain.

The Disney magic despite the rain

Even if you’re not staying at one of the Disney hotels, you can still come and explore them. Browse the shops, admire the decorations, take beautiful photos, or enjoy a meal at one of the restaurants or bars. These hotels are designed to enchant, no matter the weather outside.

Don’t let fickle weather deprive you of an enchanted day at Disneyland Paris. The park’s magic doesn’t fade in the rain, as the true magic lies within you. So, even if it rains, remember that you always have options to enjoy your visit and create unforgettable memories. Whether it’s enjoying covered attractions, attending indoor shows, savoring a warm meal in one of our restaurants, or exploring our hotels and Disney Village, a day at Disneyland Paris is always a magical day.

Header Image Credit: Abi Ismail / Unsplash

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