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Weather at Disneyland Paris : storms are coming, the end of July will be unsettled

The week from July 24th to July 30th will see the arrival of storms and more changeable weather. Temperatures are not expected to exceed 26°C. Here are the forecasts.

After a sunny July, the weather could quickly change in Marne-la-Vallée, to the east of Paris. Storms are expected to make their appearance at the beginning and end of the week. The wind is also expected to pick up. The mercury, on the other hand, will not rise above 26°C. A cooler weather that should not discourage you from visiting the parks.

Monday and Tuesday : possible showers

On Monday, July 24th, clouds will gather in the morning, and localized showers could reach Disneyland Paris fairly early. The precipitation will gradually clear up until 12 PM. In the late afternoon, around 4-5 PM, it is likely that a thunderstorm will break out and quickly refresh the region. Maximum temperatures are not expected to exceed 24°C, according to Météo France forecasts.

On Tuesday, July 25th, the morning should still see some sometimes intense rains until 12 or 1 PM. Although it will remain cloudy, the afternoon will be calmer. Some quick showers could touch Chessy in the late afternoon, but nothing is confirmed at the moment. The temperature is not expected to exceed 22°C at the best time of the day.

Wednesday and Thursday : Calmer weather

On Wednesday, July 26th, the sky will be overcast, but rain should not be part of the equation. You can enjoy a relatively cool day, with maximum temperatures around 22°C and winds blowing at over 40 km/h. An ideal weather to visit the two Disneyland parks! However, be cautious in the middle of the evening, as brief showers are not unlikely to occur between 8 PM and 11 PM, at least according to the latest Arpege models from Météo France.

Thursday, July 27th, the weather will still be cloudy over Marne-la-Vallée, but the day should not be rainy. The wind will still blow at nearly 40 km/h. Temperatures will be close to 26°C at the best time of the day. However, beware, the atmosphere could be quite oppressive.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday: The return of storms ?

On Friday, July 28th, the weather will not be on our side. Storms are expected to follow one another throughout the day with a continuously heavy atmosphere. The strongest gusts should reach 45 km/h. However, since predicting storms is complex, it is currently impossible to assert with certainty the extent and exact location of the thunderstorm cells. The confidence index at Météo France is 3/5. The mercury, on the other hand, should reach a maximum of around 26°C.

Saturday, July 29th, the weather will be more or less the same as the day before. Storms are expected to affect Disney throughout the day. The wind will be much less present, blowing at around 20 km/h. Temperatures are not expected to exceed 25°C at the best time of the day. Therefore, Friday and Saturday will be ideal days to enjoy the park’s hotels or boutiques.

Sunday, July 30th, the weather will be clearer. Clouds will be present throughout the day, but the sun is expected to make intermittent appearances. The maximum temperature will not exceed 26°C. These are forecasts that remain to be confirmed and refined in the coming days.

Header image credit: Tout Disney / Canva.

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