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Renovation of Disneyland’s Flight Force Attraction: what do fans think ?

Following the renovation of Disneyland Paris’ Flight Force attraction, fans have been sharing their impressions, highlighting the improvements and areas that could still be enhanced.

After a series of renovations, the Flight Force attraction at Disneyland Paris has recently reopened, and the initial feedback from Disney fans is overwhelmingly positive. Recent comments on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter reveal that visitors are highly appreciative of the attraction’s new immersive aspect.

The Radiance of White Micro-LEDs

Among the standout additions noticed by fans are the white micro-LEDs. Arranged to create a starry effect, these LEDs significantly contribute to the brightness and renewed sense of immersion in space, as mentioned in a comment on the Disneylanders Facebook page. These technological enhancements have intensified the cosmic experience, making the virtual journey more realistic and captivating.

For many park aficionados, the refurbishment has brought about notable improvements. As highlighted by @StoryThemeParks, the addition of effects such as stars and two new LED curtains, although subject to some criticism, has enriched the overall attraction experience. Other users, like @stucklogo, believe that these changes, while not revolutionary, “enhance the immersion” considerably. @stucklogo even goes as far as to assert that Flight Force is now “a much better attraction than Rock’n’Roller Coaster has ever been,” a comparison that reflects the positive perception some have of this renovation.

Improvements, Yes, but Not Enough for Everyone

However, not all reviews are equally praiseworthy. As pointed out by @StoryThemeParks and @Yosh_Toto, certain fan expectations appear to have been left unmet. The former notes, for example, that the added LED curtains did not convince, while the latter laments the absence of effects during the attraction’s spin. Similarly, @Moussclor1 believes that the experience could be improved by changing the seats and safety belts of the attraction.

@JNutterville questions the allocation of funds for the renovation, asking, “Wasn’t filling in the spin the crucial scene that needed attention? Isn’t that what the 2-billion budget was for?”

Bugs and Misunderstandings

Several fans mentioned technical issues that reportedly disabled certain media elements of the attraction. As reported by @StoryThemeParks, several effects, notably those featuring Captain Marvel and Iron Man, were missing during certain rides. However, it was later revealed that this was due to a bug, which has since been resolved. Despite these critiques, many see potential in the renovated attraction. @StoryThemeParks suggests that adding music, physical sets, and more careful attention to the queue area could transform Flight Force into a major attraction of the park.

Others, like @Yosh_Toto, hope for the addition of music and an improvement in the spin for the next update of the attraction. @DLPReport, on the other hand, suggests that adding LED light effects to simulate space travel would be a welcome addition.

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