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Riots in France : Disneyland Paris closes its parks early, evening shows canceled

Following the ongoing events in France, Disneyland Paris is adjusting its closing hours and canceling evening shows this weekend. Measures are being taken to ensure the safety of visitors. We provide you with the latest information on the situation at Disneyland Paris.

In the context of the events taking place across France, Disneyland Paris has made the decision to modify its closing hours and cancel certain evening shows this weekend. These exceptional measures aim to ensure the safety and well-being of visitors in Europe’s most famous amusement park.

Early closure and show cancellations

According to an official statement from Disney, the Disney Parks will exceptionally close at 9:30 PM this weekend, July 1st and 2nd, earlier than usual. This decision was made due to the ongoing events across France, including the riots that have erupted in several cities. Visitors should take note of this change in schedule when planning their visit to Disneyland Paris. This decision has been confirmed by UNSA Disneyland Paris.

As a result of this early closure, beloved evening shows such as Disney D-Light and Disney Dreams! are unfortunately canceled. These shows usually provide visitors with magical moments and unforgettable memories, but the priority is currently given to the safety of everyone.

Adjustments in Disney Village

In addition to the modifications to the parks’ closing hours, the bars and restaurants in Disney Village will also close earlier this weekend, at 11 PM. This measure aims to ensure the safety of visitors and staff in these establishments.

Disneyland Paris is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of its visitors. In the context of the riots and violence that have occurred in different parts of France, these adjustments in hours and activities are necessary to prevent any potential risks and allow visitors to fully enjoy their experience while feeling safe.

A context marked by riots

As reported by France 24, riots that broke out in several cities in France have resulted in violence and looting. During the fifth night of riots, 719 people were arrested, according to a statement from the Ministry of the Interior. Acts of vandalism have been reported, including the car-ramming attack on the mayor’s residence in L’Haÿ-les-Roses, which has been described as an attempted assassination.

These incidents have prompted several European countries, including the UK, to update their travel advisories, warning against visiting areas affected by the violence. Even the Chinese consulate in Marseille has called on Chinese citizens to be vigilant after a bus carrying Chinese tourists was targeted with stone-throwing.

Curfews in Île-de-France

To restrict nighttime movements and attempt to limit the riots that erupted following the death of Nahel in Nanterre, several municipalities in Île-de-France have implemented curfews. These measures aim to ensure public safety and discourage nighttime gatherings that could lead to violence. According to Le Parisien, several cities have adopted this measure to maintain order and protect residents.

The modalities of the curfews can vary from one municipality to another. Some curfews apply to the entire municipality, while others are limited to specific neighborhoods. The hours also vary, ranging from 9 PM to 6 AM, depending on the decisions made by local authorities.

Your questions, our answers

Will the park closures be extended?

At the moment, it has not been specified if the closure of the Disneyland Paris parks will be extended beyond the weekend. If the riots continue in France, it is possible that the park will reiterate the measures to protect employees and visitors. However, it is recommended to refer to the official communications from Disneyland Paris for the most up-to-date information on opening hours. Feel free to call the park before your arrival.

Is the situation at Disneyland Paris dangerous?

The situation at Disneyland Paris is closely monitored, and measures have been taken to ensure the safety of visitors. The adjustments in hours and the cancellation of evening shows are preventive measures in response to the ongoing events across France. Disneyland Paris is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of its visitors. Currently, the situation is not dangerous in the parks and Disney Village. The complex is secure.

Is it dangerous to travel to Paris?

The overall situation in Paris is influenced by the ongoing events across France, including the riots. It is recommended to follow the advice of local authorities and official media to assess the current situation. The past nights have been turbulent in Paris and its surrounding suburbs. Numerous shops have been looted, several public buildings have been damaged, and many vehicles have been vandalized. Therefore, we recommend avoiding visits to the capital in the late afternoon or at night.

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