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Disneyland Paris : a glimpse into the Entrance of Walt Disney Studios

The Walt Disney Studios Park at Disneyland Paris is gearing up for a major transformation of its entrance between 2023 and 2025. This ambitious project primarily involves the revitalization of the Production Courtyard and Toon Studio areas, as well as Studio 1.

With great excitement, we unveil the details of a monumental project at Disneyland Paris. According to information revealed by our colleagues at OutsidEars last April, the Walt Disney Studios Park is poised for a significant entrance makeover between 2023 and 2025. This grand-scale plan will see the renovation of the Production Courtyard and Toon Studio zones, along with Studio 1.

The innovation behind this project lies in its major inspiration: the concept of the Theater District. The goal? To transform the park entrance into an authentic ‘Theater Zone.’ The exit of Studio 1 will be marked by a 200 m² awning, reminiscent of the famous theater districts from New York to London. This theatrical ambiance promised by the park is sure to captivate visitors.

New visuals shared by the specialized account ‘Disneyland Paris Works’ were unveiled at the end of July 2023. The redesign seems quite natural and is not expected to disturb the park’s loyal fans.

Landscaping Revamp

The transformation doesn’t stop there. The park has also planned a revamp of Toon Studios, incorporating more green spaces, trees, and flowers. The Place des Stars, known as the heart of the park, will also undergo extensive redesign. Imagine impressive shows performed on the Tower of Terror, surrounded by lush gardens.

Fear not, the famous Hollywood Boulevard will be preserved. However, the current false facades will make way for trees to create a fresh perspective. This represents a delicate balance between conservation and renewal, preserving the iconic atmosphere of the area while modernizing it.

The interior of Studio 1 will also undergo a metamorphosis. The current restaurant’s false facade will be removed to make space for a new seating arrangement, with an increased capacity of 530 guests. The ambiance? A Garden Party and a ‘Grand Movie Premiere.’ Upon exiting Studio 1, a cinema-themed false facade will invite visitors to dive into the world of films in a unique way. An innovative awning will divide the flow of visitors into two, on either side of Studio 1.

Delectable and Festive Novelties

Indulgence will not be forgotten. A space for a food truck will be established near Animation Celebration. Moreover, plans for a future parade route winding through the area, connecting the current space to the English gardens and the rest of the expansion, are also in place. This will offer visitors a more immersive and captivating experience.

We are eager to see how this transformation will honor the heritage of the Walt Disney Studios Park while providing visitors with a more immersive experience. Disneyland Paris appears ready to master this delicate balance with brilliance. The date to mark in your calendars? 2025, the expected completion of the project. Stay tuned for more information on this thrilling endeavor.

Header image credit: Unsplash

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